Friday, February 27, 2015

Gallery of Greats !

I am late to the 2015 party, haven't opened any packs or boxes, unlike previous years. This mainly because I have been swamped and simply forgot to order some. So a redemption card was my first 2015 "fix", a fix a got through eBay. Normally delivery takes a few months but surprise, surprise, it arrived after only 2 weeks or so !! Here it is, Gallery of Greats !!

Beautiful card with a great on-card auto !! I am visiting the US in May so hopefully I can score some 2015 basecards there as this year's flagship actually looks pretty cool !

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My First Seaver

Sometimes, in a chase for Glavine cards some additional casualties are being made. This time Tom Seaver and Philip Humber had no chance of escaping ! Here's my first Seaver !! Very happy with this one !!

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Topps Tek

Topps Tek, everyone was talking about it late last year and I had no clue what it was all about, having started collecting cards only a few years ago. So doing some research I found out that Topps Tek was actually a relaunch from the late 90ties. So being the Glavine collector I still am that meant chasing some 90ties cards ! Boy what a pile of variations these sets have ! This means hard work to try to complete them (so help is always appreciated!). Here are my first 2 find the differences :-)

Of course I also chase some of the 2014 Topp Tek's cards. Here's one of the Proof Prints, happy that I came across this one as there are not that many around :-)

The next card is an awesome Teknicians cards !!

That's it for now but clearly some long way to go to complete the Topps Tek sets !

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tier one Top Shelf Addition !

One of my long-term "projects" is to complete the 2011 Tier One Top Shelf relic set. I love the look and feel of the set and the set includes a lot of awesome players. I must admit, it's a slow process and maybe add a card every other month. Most recently I added a Yankee, Reggie Jackson !!

Let's hope I can get my hands on some of the other Yankees in the set, DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and others, for hopefully decent prices :-)

If you have any cards of this set for trade do let me know !!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Here's the laundry man !!

I like new things. I like a card with a piece of glove or even a piece of shoe (one of which I showed a few months ago). New stuff just keeps collecting a lot of fun. So combine a Glavine card with something new and I am game and will chase it !!

So meet my latest Glavine addition, a Topps Dynasty's Laundry's Tag (if that would be proper English !?). I have never seen anything like it so can really enjoy something like this !

You guys ever seen a laundry tag on a card ?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hits Memorabilia anyone ?

Sometimes you try something new. Sometimes you decide to give others a chance to compete with Topps. Having some good experience with Panini in the last 2 years so clearly it can work out well. So when I came across something new, a "Hits Memorabilia" Rizzo card, I decided to spend a few dollars. The card was numbered to only 10 !! (saying this in a sarcastics way just to be clear :-)). Here it is, have a look !!

Although the "Patch" looks looks alright, the card isn't great. Rizzo is basically missing his face, which gives the card a strange feel. But then again, it's numbered to only 10 !! In addition (and I would love if Topps would do something like that), the back of the card has a number which links to the jersey they used. Although not sure if it can be trusted it at least is a cool feature.

Anyways, I gave it a try but don't think I will be chasing any more "Hits Memorabilia".

Any of you have experience with "Hits Memorabilia" ?

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Topps Tek & Dodger Blue !

No Series 1 for me just yet. Honestly, I was too busy in January to remember to order some. So now I am looking at all the posts of everybody describing and showing a, actually great, Series 1. So no Series 1 to be seen here for at least a few weeks. Therefore, lets look at Topps Tek !!! Another cool release last year, the other one being Stadium Club of course !Here's one of the cool Glavine cards that were included in Topps Tek, TEKnicians !

Still chasing some of the variations like Shattered Stripe etc ? Luckily not all the variations that the set had in the late 90ties !

Next up a cool new Kershaw card, coming from a redemption cards for a long while back but it finally arrived ! Cool Dodger card although a shame to see Kemp leaving the team this year.

That's it for today. thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy Series 1 !!