Monday, January 20, 2014

Topps Delivers a Kershaw !!

I have developed a habit of chasing redemption cards these days. Often a bit cheaper because there is risk involved (of Topps not delivering) and Topps delivers for free !!! Yes free !! So that saves me already 3-15 usd on the package ! Topps has always delivered so far, although I have been waiting for a couple for a while now. Still another cool addition to my collection arrived this morning: Meet Triple Threads Kershaw !!

Congrats Clayton with a great deal with the Dodgers for the coming years !!

You guys has good or bad luck with Topps redemptions ?


  1. Nice redemption. I like the Triple Threads series. Cool that Topps has that free shipping. Since I don't personally open a lot of new products (usually just get into group breaks) I haven't had many redemptions and I haven't experienced Topps yet. Over the years I've had a few Panini and before them Donruss, and I think Upper Deck once, but I don't recall having a Topps one. I might have but I don't think so.

    Yeah Kershaw I hope my Nats don't have to face him too often when they play the Dodgers.

  2. Another great looking card for your Kershaw collection! I'm a little concerned about one of my Topps redemption's right now. I redeemed two of the same card. I got one back in November and I'm still waiting on the second card.

  3. Great card of the best pitcher in baseball. I, knock on wood, also have had no problem with redemption process. You are correct as it seems that the ebay auctions for redemptions seem less as I have scored a lot myself. Congrats again