Saturday, June 15, 2019

Checking in with a London Series

Heya all, long time no posting on my side. Hope everything is well with you !! Life has been hectic and the first thing that drops of the list is usually posting on the site. Nevertheless, I have been continuing chasing my collection of mostly Glavine and Blyleven in the last months, mostly through eBay and COMC. Furthermore, on a trip to London last week I saw a Topps pack at the airport called "The London Series", in honor of the series between the Yankees and the Red Sox in London, so I picked it up to share with you all ! Here are some of the highlights !

First-up, 2 pitchers: Sale and Sabathia, with Sabathia doing his last round this season.

Next up, the Dutchman of the Yankees, Gregorius !!

Another Dutchman was present, this time for the Red Sox, Xander Bogaerts !!

The more Yankees, hard-hitters Judge and Stanton !

Furthermore, the pack contained several "Rules of the Game" cards. These rules seem pretty basic but maybe useful for people in London that do't know baseball !!

Anyways, a few more cards in the pack which I won't show but assume you get the drift of the pack. Great to be back for a bit. Hope to post in the coming weeks about a great COMC package I received last week !!

Hope everyone is doing well and hope everybody did not remove me just yet from their blog rolls !!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Glavine's Hand - That's a first !

It's been a while since my last post, real life is incredibly busy and keeping me away from posting much. However, when a nice COMC package arrived with a unique card I did want to share it with you all !

I noticed this card on eBay. Apparently, the 2014 Topps Museum Collection had a set that included handprints. Of course, if this set includes a Glavine the chase is on !

After a round-trip through COMC here's my first Handprint card, in full A4 size !!

As you can see, they threw in an auto and a bat-relic as well to finish the job (although not from any specific game, event or season of course :-) !

Thanks and hope you all are doing well.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

COMC package arrived

IT's that time of year again !! Once every few months I have COMC deliver all my eBay loot to me as I use them as my US mailbox. At least for now as they have graudally increased the price per card from $0.50 to $2 or more per card I noticed recently. Anyways, here's a few cards from the package !

First up, a Topps Luminaries Glavine card. Topps did a good job creating this set !

Next up, 2 Topps Archives cards, Glavines of course. I have mixed feelings about this set. I liked it a few years ago but now it feels like a simply money making machine with little new or special coming out of it...

Next up, a new addition to my Blyleven collection !!

Lastly, 2 more Glavine cards, a very cool A&G signed mini, for me still the best set from Topps each year. Also another printing plate for me Glavine collection !!

All in all a nice bunch of cards for my ever growing Glavine collection !

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you all are doing well !!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Trade package incoming !!

Collecting has been slow, very slow with only a bit of focus on eBay in recent months. Therefore, I was happily suprised when Sam at TheDailyDimwit contacted my asking for my address. Apparently, he still had some cards from 1 or 2 years ago that had my earmark on it !! Of course I quickly provided him with my new address after my recent move and last week a yellow envelop arrived !! Sam has been one of my first trading partners when I started collecting and if I remember correctly he was the first one that let a unknown European guy into his "box breaks". I am still very thankful for that as it lead to more people that were happy to deal with me !

Anyways, I know you all want to know what was in the package ! Well here's what was in it !

First up,a cool Glavine UD Masterpiece card. I love the Masterpiece set and any package was a Glavine card is already an awesome package !!

Next-up, a nice Triple Threads Jeter card, just from before his retirement.

The last card was the card it was all about, meet CC Sabathia.

I can't recall if I won this card, if I bought it and had it delivered to Sam or if I made a deal with Sam for this one. So Sam, in case I still owe you something for this card do let me know as my memory is letting me down on this one !!

Sam, thanks a bunch !!!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Leaving 2017 and entering 2018 !

I am still here !! Although clearly lacking the discipline and time to leave a regular post !! Still, I wanted to leave 2017 and enter 2018 with one last post, a quick overview from a recent COMC package ! Happy New Year everyone !!

Again happy new year and I am fairly confident my posting frequency should go up in 2018 as is will be hard to be as low as 2017 ! Hope all of you are doing well and still happily collecting !!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A day of One on Ones !

This morning I received a package in the mail. Only one place this package could come from, as my trading has been very, very slow, and that's CheckOutMyCards ! COMC has been my standard mailbox in the US to receive my eBay loot and although it has been slow in recent months I was still able to collect a bunch of cool cards for my collection.

Here's what was in the package and let's focus on a huge collection of One-on-Ones ! First up, a cool Panini Pantheon card. A card with a button ! My 2nd button card after the 2014 Panini National Treasurers card of Glavine. Always a welcome variety versus all the jersey and bat cards.

Next up, two 2008 Moments & Milestones. The sporadically pop-up on eBay and if the price is decent I try to get them. I still have some 275 or so to go :-)

I was also able to get my hands on a cool 2017 Topps Tribute 1/1, pictured below. A really beautiful card. The Topps High Tek printing proof from 2014 is my second one of this series.

Lastly, two more 1-1s, a printing plate from the 2014 Panini Hall of Fame Baseball set (Magenta priting plate). Furthermore, a 2004 SP Authentic card, a set in which apperently there are a few 1-1s for several "events", this one for 15th April 2003.

That's it. Never opened a package with 7x 1-1s so really happy about it. I updated and checked my file and I now just passed the 2,250 different Glavine cards mark, representing some 31% of all different Glavine cards. As I own 47% of all Auto cards and 38% of all relic cards I should be able to lift the average to 40% or so by simply expanding Glavine's non auto/relic cards. Looking at the 1-1s, I now have some 15% of all Glavine 1-1s. A lot of statistics but love to track the numbers !!

Hope you all are doing well !

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Button me Bert !

Hi folks, yes, it has been a long time, way too long !! I have been moving house, work is hectic and the kids demand attention as well. So the blog has been suffering and my focus has mostly been on new Glavine and Blyleven cards through eBay and COMC and of course reading all your blogs. I think I don't owe anyone any package but if my admin is messed up due to the move do let me know !

Let's have a quick peak at some of my latest treasures ! First up, my latest Bert Blyleven addition, the Flying Dutchman ! Yes a 1/1 button card from Panini's Immaculate Collection, awesome card and my first Blyleven button card.

Next up, my latest Gypsy Queen 2011 addition. Still a little side project of mine, trying to complete this set. A slow but fun grind so great to be able to add Bernie Williams to the collection !

Last card is of course a new Glavine card, ffrom the 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes set

Hope the summer holiday bring a bit more time for blogging ! Hope you all are doing well !