Friday, May 22, 2015

Gypsy Queen Box 2

Time to check out Gypsy Queen Box 2 that I broke during my Orlando holiday (bought at Orlando Sports Cards). As with box 1 let me stick to the inserts and "hits" !

First up, Queen Throwbacks with my latest Rizzo addition !!

Two silver minis were also included !! (not sure why the other box had 3 in there ?)

Two framed cards were included as well, Bautista and Peralta !

Let's move to the "hits" of the box. The relics with the Andrus being a nice one as I saw him play against the Rays last week in Tampa !

The two auto "hits" of the box were awesome ! First up, Pederson ! He has been doing great and I regretted a little bit that I traded away one of his autos a year or so ago. Love it !

The 2nd auto card also looks great and has a relic as a bonus as well. Here's Teheran !!

All in all a pretty cool box ! As said before, I will try to complete the full set including minis and inserts. I also still need plenty of base cards but have also plenty of base cards for trade. So let me know if you want to set something up !

Next up, let's break some Series 1 boxes

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gypsy Queen Box 1

As might have been clear from my earlier post on my visit to Orlando Sportscards, I did break a few boxes during my Holiday. Included on those were two 2015 Gypsy Queen boxes. As the base cards have been floding the blogosphere let me focus on the inserts and a couple of "hits". As always, I will be chasing the full set again including minis so happy to set up a trade (find my Want List here!).

Let's kick-off with some of the inserts. Here's a re-appearing Glove Stories insets and a new "The Queens Throwbacks" insert set.

2015 is also the year of the appearance of "silver" minis, all numbered to /199. They look pretty nice in my view.

Another new insert this year is the "Pillars of the Community", a nice concept in my opinion. Here's Wright with the Statue of Liberty having his back !

Walk-off Winners is also a nice one, here's Jeter !!

Each hobby box also contains two "framed" cards, I pulled Jeter (which I forgot to scan) and the National's one below.

Let's move to the "hits" of the box, two relics and two autos. My two relics are Kimbrel, still in a Braves uniform, and Adams of the Cardinals, both up for trade !

One of my two autos was a redemption, Kevin Gausman. Kevin is apparently a pitcher for Baltimore (I should pay closer attention as I had not yet heard of him). Always fun to pull a pitcher ! The 2nd auto was Chris Archer of the Rays. Chris Archer is a fun pull for me as he was the pitcher that pitch against the Yankees at the Tampa Bay Rays Game I attended during my holiday (although I was not really impressed by Archer in that game to be honest).

That's it for box 1, be on the look out for Box break 2 in the next few days !!

Again, my GQ Want List is up so happy to set up a trade !

Monday, May 18, 2015

Visit to Orlando Sportscards !

So I asked for some advice the week before my holiday about which LCS to visit during my stay in Orlando. Several of you mentioned that I should visit Orlando Sportscards and of course I obliged !

After a 30 minute drive I arrived at the shop with my wife and kids. This of course meant I needed to entertain my kids a bit to enable a longer stay at the card shop. Luckily my kids love Pokemon and they had a nice assortiment of cards for them to look through !!

With that I could start looking through some boxes for some Glavine cards !! The shop itself has a nice set-up and has plenty to look through and also a nice assortiment of boxes and supplies. The owner, Kendall, is also a very nice guy and we chatted a bit about the hobby. Time was limited of course so I jumped right into a few boxes after that. I found myself a few nice Glavine additions !

Here's a 1998 Topps Stars numbered to 9799 (interesting how they came up with such a print-run !) and a 2004 Leaf Limited (/100). 

I also found a 2006 SP Authentic card as well as a 1992 Panini Sticker !

Last up a very thick Panini Father's Day card as well as another M&M one. Still trying to complete the M&M set so further additions are welcome !!

That was it for the Glavine loot. This brings my total different Glavine cards to 1,625 !! I continue to target at least 2,000 Glavine cards by year-end, let's see if that is possible !!

In addition, to these Glavine cards I bought a few boxes to break during my Holiday, 2 2015 Gypsy Queen and 2 Series 1 boxes so stay tuned in the next few days on a review of these boxes !!

Thanks Kendall for the service, if you come across interesting Glavine cards in the future always feel free to contact me !!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I am back !!

Yesterday we arrived back here in Holland after spending two weeks in Florida ! Although we had a great time with the family it's always great to come home, even despite the jetlag !! During the two weeks in Florida I visited 2 LCS, a Walmart, a Target and hence broke some boxes of wax as well (including 2015 GQ, Series 1, and Diamond Kings) ! Stay tuned in the coming days for a few posts on this visits and box breaks !!

The great thing about arriving home after a two week holiday is that this usually means some packages in the mailbox ! Although trading has been a little light in recent weeks I still found two packages at my doorstep, one from Topps and one from Italy !

Here's the one from Topps, a Gold-Parallel Glavine Gypsy Queen card numbered to only 25 !!

Stay tuned for a bunch of posts in the coming days ! Thanks for visting my blog today, it's good to be back !!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

An Off Hiatus Trade !! Need help identifying a card !

Last week a yellow envelop dropped on my doorstep. Of course this means baseball cards ! Tony at Off Hiatus Baseball Cards had send a a nice stack of cards.

Here's what Tony send me !! First up, a cool pair of Rizzo cards !! the Cubs are doing much better this year and although Rizzo is not in the spotlight at the moment, given all the new additions like Bryant, he is playing his part.

Tony also added Glavine cards !!! Every package with some Glavine cards is a success !! Glavine showing off his non-pitching moves as well here !

The Flying Dutchman was also present with sevral cards. First up two signed cards (guess in person) from Topps 1978 and Topps 1982 !! Two very legit autos in my view !

More Blyleven was included ! Here's three Blyleven minis !! 1987 and 1988 Fleer and a 1988 Topps Superstar insert !

Tony also send me a strange large Blyleven, 3D like card. It does state Topps on the front, seemingly from an insert set numbered to 30 but other than that I have no clue where this one is coming from. Some pointers are very welcome !!

All in all, a cool package from Tony so thanks very much Tony for the trade !! A return package should be on its way soon !!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Awesome booklet addition !!

Quick post today while I am packing for Florida (more tips are always welcome, check my post from a few days back!). I was able to get my hands on an awesome addition to my Glavine PC, a very cool auto booklet from Topps Museum Collection. Love everything about this card !!

That's it for today, thanks for visiting my blog today !!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

On my way to Florida ! Tips anyone ?

After being swamped at work in recent weeks and seriously neglecting my blog as well it will be time take a plane overseas and spend some time with the family in Orlando, Florida !! Really looking forward to visit the US and already picked one or two baseball games to see in Tampa !

Of course, a visit to a LCS should be included as well so if any of you know some good LCS places in Orlando region do let me know as I need to still my hunger !

Anyways, really looking forward to a break !

Given that every post needs a card here's my latest Rizzo card ! Cubs are doing pretty well these days !

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