Sunday, August 2, 2015

Allen & Ginter Box 1

It's that time of year again !! Every year I am looking most forward to Allen & Ginter and this year is no different. Therefore, as my ritual goes, we open three boxes of Ginter !! Here's box 1 !!

First-up, minis !!! I love minis and will be chasing the full mini set again this year (so keep the minis coming !!). The minis included several inserts including the First Ladies and a Healthy Body !

More minis !! A World Beneath Our Feet ! Pretty cool cards !

The box topper came from Italy, the Colosseum !!

The box also came with a few 10th Anniversary stamped cards, not sure yet what to think of them, feel like a waste of space in these least they took the trouble of framing a few which makes them look nice.

More inserts were included, here are a few Menagerie of the Mind.

The "hits" of the box were a few relic cards, Choo and Martinez !

One more, Brandon Belt !

Let's finish the box with two more cards. Another 10th Anniversary card and Kershaw !!!

All in all, an average box and on my way with the Ginter chase !! Be on the look-out for box 2 & 3 in the coming days !!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Number 250 !!!!!

Earlier this week I received number 250. "250 what" you say ? Well, my 250th Glavine Auto card !!! Yes, an amazing number and to think I started from scratch 5 years ago ! Not sure if this qualifies as a "supercollector" but I am on my way at least !

Here's my current Glavine stats, still a lot of cards to go:

So let me see the card I hear you think ! Well here it is, number 250 !

Thanks for visiting my blog today and keep the Glavine cards coming !!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Diamond Kings Box Break

After the Stadium Club break a few days earlier it is time for Diamond Kings. I think Panini did a great job when I bought some packs during my Orlando visit and therefore it was hard for me not to add 2 small boxes of Diamond Kings to my A&G package !

Let's see what was in the boxes ! First up, minis !!! I love minis so I am chasing the mini set as well. Too bad the boxes only come with 2 minis so this is going to take some time ! At least I pulled a Rizzo !

The packs also come with framed variations that look pretty nice. Here's two !

Another blue bordered one numbered to 99 and a thick, very thick framed mini !

Inserts were also included, here's two HOF Sluggers !

More inserts, Puig and McCutchen !

The "hits" of the pack, a cool Cano and a Cubbie !

A few more inserts including Shoeless Jackson !

Last but not least, another cubbie and the only auto of the two boxes, Meet Matt !

That's it folks ! I continue to feel that Panini did a good job with this one. I have a bunch of extras in case anyone is trying to complete the set let me know, always happy to set up a trade !! I need some more myself as well !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Sunday, July 26, 2015

2015 Stadium Club Box Break !

Each year I try to get some Allen & Ginter boxes, for me the best break of the year. To make shipping worthwhile I usually add some packages to the pack. This year I decided to add some Diamond Kings and Stadium Club. Let's start with Stadium Club !!

Given that I am late to the party and everyone has already seen all the base cards (which are awesome by the way) let me simply focus on some of the inserts and "hits". First up, the best inserts of 2015 Stadium Club: Legends !! Really nicely looking cards !

I like the True Colors insetr set as well, nice quality cards !

Same as last year, Triumvirate was included, nice but strange cards I must say.

I pulled Rizzo as well, here is his "contact sheet" !!

The "hits" of the two boxes were the following auto cards, not sure what to say about these....

To finish it all off I was lucky enough to pull Glavine's base card !

To conclude, I really like Stadium Club and feel Topps did an awesome job ! Still need a few of the base set so in case you have some lying around let's set up a trade !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trade package from Kyle !!

A while back the, still blogless, Kyle reached out to me for a trade. Of course I never turn down a trade so a cool package arrived at my doorstep a few days ago !! Let's see what Kyle send me !

First up a couple of cool Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, still over 5,000 to go to finish the sets so keep them coming !!

Kyle send me a bunch of inserts as well, here's two !

Some more inserts......

.........and minis !!! I love minis !!!

One more insert, Chasing History !

Last buy not least, the "hit" of the package, a cool Sabathia Topps Tribute !!!

Thanks a bunch Kyle for a great trade !!! Looking forward to a next one !!