Friday, April 10, 2015

Topps Vault - Blyleven Edition

I like "old" stuff, especially when it comes to baseball cards. Although I don't have too many "vintage" cards, as I have not really chased them yet, I do love to add some odd-ball vintage when I come across some. Recently I noticed some Topps Vault Blyleven items. Of course, when it comes to the Flying Dutchman I can't resist any rare items and given I was the only bidder it seems please have a look at my new Blyleven additions !!

First up, 1978 Topps Vault proof cards !!

Next up, and this one is even older, a 1975 Topps Black Test Proof card !!

So there you have it, two cool additions to my slowely growing Blyleven PC !! Love the rare look and feel so if I come across more I will certainly try and chase them !!

Do you guys like the Topps Vault stuff ? Or do you simply see it as a money-making machine ?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mantle & DiMaggio

As some of you might know I am trying to complete Tier One Top Shelf relic set from a few years ago. Recently a few appeared on eBay for, luckily, very reasonable prices so I chased them and here they are. Not a few simple ones but actually a few of my most wanted, DiMaggi and Mantle, my first relic card of both of them !!!

Great additions right ?! Still needs quite a bunch of them to complete the set including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, so it won't be an easy ride but should be fun !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and if you have any Top Shelf card lying around I am happy to set up a trade !!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sabathia, Beckett & Lackey Threads

Quick post today as I continue to be swamped at work. Here's my latest Sabathia addition, a cool 2008 Triple Threads card. The benefit of Sabathia not having been in great form in the recent 18 months is that his cards have taken a dive and can be picked-up pretty cheaply !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another Trade with Frankie !

A few weeks ago Frankie at My Life in the Sports Card Hobby contacted my for a trade as he was interested in one of my Chipper Jones relic cards. Of course a trade was quickly born, our second trade already in a few months time. With lightning speed Frankie's package arrived at my doorstep and here's what he send me !!

First-up, the key part of the trade, a cool Mike Schmidt auto cards. I didn't own any of his autographs and for some reason I had the urge to have one for my collection so Frankie helped me out here !!

I like what Panini did with National Treasures, hope they can keep it up !! Frankie also send me a bunch of Rivera cards !!

A couple more for today's quick post ! A nice Sabathia relic card and a Pat Corbin card. This one came from left field as I do like the Immaculate set but I don't really have a clue who this guy is !

Thanks Frankie for a cool trade !

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Here come the Cubs !!

Looking at some of the Spring Training games and seeing some new talent coming through the Cubs look an exciting team this year and potentially for a few years to come ! For a few years now I have been collecting Rizzo cards and it seems he will continue to be a key parts of the Cubs going forward, despite all the new talent coming up. Here's Rizzo with some April Powers !! Let's hope he can display that this year as well !!

You all excited for the Cubs this year as well !?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Something Leaf

Quick post today with my first Winfield Auto from the Leaf set "Sports Heroes". Luckiloy it was a cheap one as the auto is not great looking to be honest. At the same time, the used bat compensates a bit for that !

Anyone of you looked at the new Leaf sets recently ?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Getting myself some letters !

As some of you might remember, I use to chase the 2009 Upper Deck Icons Letters of Clayton Kershaw, back when they were still affordable, getting as far as 8 letter cards ! Now Panini issued something similar in last year's Immaculate set, "Nameplate Nobility" cards. Glavine was included in the set as well so I clearly had a job to do. I only found one so it is, meet the letter L !!!

If you come across one of these let me know as I still have a lot of letters to go on this one !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !