Saturday, June 15, 2019

Checking in with a London Series

Heya all, long time no posting on my side. Hope everything is well with you !! Life has been hectic and the first thing that drops of the list is usually posting on the site. Nevertheless, I have been continuing chasing my collection of mostly Glavine and Blyleven in the last months, mostly through eBay and COMC. Furthermore, on a trip to London last week I saw a Topps pack at the airport called "The London Series", in honor of the series between the Yankees and the Red Sox in London, so I picked it up to share with you all ! Here are some of the highlights !

First-up, 2 pitchers: Sale and Sabathia, with Sabathia doing his last round this season.

Next up, the Dutchman of the Yankees, Gregorius !!

Another Dutchman was present, this time for the Red Sox, Xander Bogaerts !!

The more Yankees, hard-hitters Judge and Stanton !

Furthermore, the pack contained several "Rules of the Game" cards. These rules seem pretty basic but maybe useful for people in London that do't know baseball !!

Anyways, a few more cards in the pack which I won't show but assume you get the drift of the pack. Great to be back for a bit. Hope to post in the coming weeks about a great COMC package I received last week !!

Hope everyone is doing well and hope everybody did not remove me just yet from their blog rolls !!