Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kerhsaw bats !

Quick post today with new Kershaw additions, two bat relic additions I must say. Still a bit strange to see pitchers with bat relic cards but hey, it's Kershaw so i'll take it !!

Let's start with the big bat ! I like this card and only numbered to 25 !

Here's some smaller bat parts and a piece of jersey, all guaranteed by Topps of course !!

That's it for today, thanks for visiting my blog !!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Glavine Supercollector !!

I thought I was the only one really chasing every Glavine card ever made.....but there is another one ! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ian and the funny part is....he is from Europe as well although on the other side of a smaller pond, i.e. the United Kingdom.

It's fun that there is someone else out there also chasing Glavine as we can help each other out. Of course in some instances we might compete for the same card but let's see how that works out :-))

We set up our first trade to "test the waters ! He had some extra Moments & Milestones and I had some doubles as well. Here's the loot !

I still needs loads more so if you have any for trade do let me know !!

Thanks Ian for our first trade ! I hope that many more will follow !!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dodger 4 !

Plenty of Dodger fans in the blogosphere so in an attempt to make some of you jealous here's my latest Kershaw addition !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Maddux & Glavine Booklet !!

Quick post today with a very cool new Glavine card and Topps threw in a "free" Maddux relic as well !!! Meeting Tom and Greg in a great Museum Collection booklet !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trade with Dion !

Dion at Dions IP Autos only recently contacted me for a trade and as most of you know, I never turn any trade down ! So a nice package arrived at my doorstep a few days ago and with Dion that is often mostly focussed on autographed cards !

Let's have a look ! First up, Ken and Butch, both Yankees !

David LaPoint was also present ! To be honest, I only started following baseball like 10 years ago so most of these guys if have never heard....

Here's Shane Spencer, never heard of him so not sure if this prospect ever made made it ?

Ending a package with Kershaw is always fun ! Here's a Golden Moment !

Thanks Dion for the trade, looking forward to the next one !!

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Package from our favourite Dimwit !

A few days ago I received a cool package, a package from Sam at the Daily Dimwit ! Sam was awesome enough to let me have an eBay buy delivered to his address as the seller refused to ship to Europe. Here it is, a cool Lettermen Kershaw, numbered to 30. I am trying to chase the full set..I already have H E R A N and now also the W !!

Sam was also kind enough to add two more Kershaw cards, two from this year´s Heritage set, my first cards from this set !!

Thanks Sam for your help and the extra cards. I have send you another package with some Astros, hope they arrive soon !

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gypsy Queen Want List is up !!

The last few days I showed you the "hits" of my three 2014 GQ boxes. Still, with breaking three boxes this still does not mean I have even the base set complete. At the same time, I have a pile of extras including a bunch of inserts for trade, even 3 minis. I am chasing the full set including inserts and minis so if you want to trade do let me know ! You can find my Want List here !

As every post need a card in my view please have a look at my cool new Rivera card !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Gypsy Queen Break, Box 3 !

Time to show-off Gypsy Queen box 3, again focussing on the "hits" !! Here we go !!
Let's start with the auto's ! Here's Kickham and Flores, not the greatest autos but oke...

Here are the two relic cards, Brown and Freeman, actually like the Freeman card !

The blue-framed cards, Clemente and Glavine, yes Glavine !!!!! Best pull of the box for me !!

Last-up, the numbered minis, Ross, Montero and Rodney !

That was it for my 3 Gypsy Queen boxes this year, not bad but not great either. I am chasing the full set of base and minis, including all the inserts and have plenty for trade so if you are up to it, let's trade !!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gypsy Queen Break, Box 2 !

Time for Box 2 of my Gypsy Queen Break. I will again stick to the "hits". Here they are !!
Let's start with some minis !! Fujikawa, Lake, Davis and Cingrani, a Cubs and Reds hot box ?

The two relics of the box were Simmons,great for my Dutch team collection, and Tulowitzki !

Here are the auto's, starting with a Yankee, Phelps !!

Mike Minor was also present with a pretty cool card !!

The box also contained 2 blue-bordered cards, Pedroia and Sabathia !

Those were the highlights of box 2, be on the look-out for box 3 tomorrow !

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gypsy Queen, box 1 !

Gypsy Queen ! Each year I have my GQ "tradition", that is opening 3 boxes of Gypsy Queen. This year was no different !! As the blogosphere is already swamped with base cards let me stick to the "hits" !

Here's box 1, starting with the Auto's !!

Locke is already claimed but the Eaton is for trade ! I was in luck with this box as instead of 2 autos it actually contained 3 autos !! It's Oil Can Boyd, a cool one for my pitcher collection !

The two relic cards were actually pretty cool !! A great Lincecum for my Lincecum PC and a awesome Encarnacion numbered to only 10 !!

Two blue-framed cards in each box, here's Jones and Killebrew !

To finish the overview look at two cool minis ! I love minis, here are McCann and Choo !

That was it for box 1, by on the look-out for box 2 tomorrow ! My Want list should be up soon, will be chasing the full base card set and the minis !!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Topps Supreme !!

Topps Supreme, a cool set it seems that I, until last week, never heard of ! I noticed a cool Rizzo card from this set, it looked like a "proper" card and not a scam card so I did some digging and noticed that Topps Supreme apparently was a set that only came out in Japan ! Don't really see the logic but oke, it is what it is !

So here is my first Topps Supreme card ! Meet Supreme Stylings Rizzo !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Bob Walk the Plank trade !!

A few days ago I showed you my 2nd trade with Max, today I will show a 2nd trade with Matt at Bob Walk the Plank ! Matt had a few more cards for me in store and I had some more Pirates for him ! Here's the loot !!

Let's start with the coolest card, a Gary Sheffield "base" card. Just to stress, this is not a simple "base card" but actually has a piece of a "base" as a relic ! My first "base" relic card in my collection !!

Next up a bunch of minis, Matt send me a pile of 2013 Gypsy Queen minis. I am still trying to complete the minis set so this was a big help ! If you have any for trade do let me know !!

Matt also send me some cool Prizm cards, here's Kershaw and Rizzo !

A cool Sabathis was also included, here he is as an Indian ! Let's hope he will improve his game this year.

Another cool relic card, one of the few players of the Dutch team, Andruw Jones, and Pettitte !

Two more Yankee cards, Rivera and Jeter !

Last up, a cool Kershaw and a nice Sabathia !

That was it, another awesome package, thanks very much Matt. I hope I pull you some Pirates when I break some Gypsy Queen next week !

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coin for a Coin

Max at Starting Nine recently showed a cool Sabathia coin card from this year's Heritage set. Although Sabathia has had a rough 14 months spell or so I still chase his cards so a trade was quickly born, also because I had a coin card for trade for Max, a Mike Trout one.

Here's the Sabathia card that arrived on my doorstep !

I love this card "Big CC and Little AL", numbered to only 15. Really hope CC gets back in the flow this year !

Max also included a bunch of Glavine cards !!! I love Glavine cards and happy to add these to my Glavine PC !! Here's a Sports Illustrated and a Leaf Limited !!

Glavine was also a very good Hockey player !!

Lastly, a cool Finest and Prism, not a 2013 Prizm but from 1999 one !

This was already our 2nd trade in as many months and another cool one ! Thanks Max, looking forward to a next one !!