Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year everyone, or at least, here we entered the new year, you will so soon in a few hours !! I hope 2014 will be a great year for all of you and your families !!

This will be a short post today but stayed tuned for a, hopefully cool, easy contest with great prizes including a future HoF Auto, a printing plate, a future HoF relic and a few other great cards from several great teams !! Here's a teaser !

See you all soon !

Monday, December 30, 2013

My first signed baseball !!

During Black Friday I noticed some interesting deals on Dave & Adams cards, my regular online shop as they have the best shipping options to Europe. I noticed they had a box from Just Minors called Mystery Balls and with a checklist of nice players on it I decided to go for it. As a bonus the box also included a complete set of the 2008 Just Minors set including a few well-known names.

So let's see what I got !! I pulled a black ball with a silver auto, really cool-looking and apparently, the black balls are much rarer, numbered to /50. Anyways, anyone recognises from which player the auto belongs to ??

I know......the suspense is killing you :-) First let's look at the ball from a different angle, a nice logo and the numbering to 50 as you can see.

So already figured out who the auto belongs to !???!? It's Evan Longoria, not a bad one to have as my first autographed baseball...of course, still on my list are Glavine, Blyleven, Kershaw and Rizzo...all in due course !

Anyone else chasing autographed baseballs or just sticking to cards ?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

COMC: Sabathia & Rizzo Edition !

Last post on the COMC package that arrived recently, only a few cards left. You have seen all the Kershaw's and Glavine's (if you missed them do check out my earlier posts) so now it's time for a few remaining cards. Again the theme is "numbered to only 25!".

First up a great Sabathia from the 2008 Allen & Ginter set, I love this set and love the minis so really like this one !!

Looks like a regular mini but wait.........it has a red back and somebody wrote something on it !

I also found me one addition to my Rizzo collection, a cool Finest Refractor !

That was it for this year's COMC Black Friday loot ! Looking forward to next year !

Thursday, December 26, 2013

COMC: Glavine Edition !

After the Kershaw COMC edition a few days ago it's time today for the Glavine edition !!  Let's start with the best cards, a great 2009 Piece of History autographed card numbered to only 25 !! In addition, a cool Ultimate Collection Ultimate Hurlers relic card, also numbered to only 25 !!

Let's stay in the "numbered to only 25" theme, two more, an orange Bowman Chrome and a Blue Triple Threads parallel !

As some of you might know, I have the crazy ambition to complete the Moments & Milestones set, actually the sets for both 2007 and 2008. I was able to pick-up a bunch for a decent price again. Here are the new additions !! In case you have some lying around do let me know !!

The second of two relic cards I was ble to pick up was from the 2005 Playoff prestige set. I also found a cool Co-signers card, really cool cards, here's one with Glavine and Smoltz !

Two more Glavines to finish it off ! A limited Studio Portraits and a nice blue refractor !

All in all, some cool additions to my Glavine PC !! More COMC loot in the coming days !

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

COMC: Kershaw edition !

A few times a year I love to browse on the COMC site so the announcement of some Black Friday discounts lured me to the site again. The package arrived earlier this week. Here are the new Kershaw additions to my PC !!

The best card was by far a great autographed card from Kershaw's early days. I was very surprised by the cheapness of the card, given it was numbered to only 25 !! Maybe because it it a Tristar...myself I don't care much and love to get my hands on these even if it's Tristar or Panini.

Talking about Panini, here's one, 2011 Limited with Matt Kemp ! I also picked-up a cool Topps Finest !

Two more beauties ! A Museum Collection parallel and a nice Tribute !

I also found a few Triple Threads, let's start with the base card parallels !

To finish off the Kershaw overview I picked-up two relic cards, both from the Triple Threads set !

That's it for the Kershaw edition, be on the look-out for some more COMC posts on Glavine, Rizzo and Sabathia !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Monday, December 23, 2013

Printing Plates !

With Tom Glavine being the center of my collection I tend to chase any card I see that is not in my collection (to a certain price limit of course). Same thing for printing plate. Some see them as "cards" but luckily, also a lot of collectors seem to ignore them which makes it a little easier to get my hands on these 1-1 cards (or 4-1 cards as some see them). With Topps Triple Threads out I was able to add 2 more to my collection, meet the Magenta and the Cyan versions !!

Furthermore, I recently got my hands on another 2008 Moments & Milestones plate, a Cyan version as one of the above !

Do you guys chase the printing plates as well for your collection or simply ignore them ?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another package from Italy !!

Today I received a surprise package, a small one with a great card, a Glavine relic card !! Like a few weeks ago this one also came from Riccardo in Italy. The package did make me feel a little guilty as I have been so busy that I haven't send Riccardo any return package yet. Clearly something for the Christmas break !! Here it is, another cool addition to my ever growing Glavine collection !!

Thanks Riccardo for another cool card. A return package should be on its way to you soon !!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Big 44 trade !!

Trading has been slower than normal lately, also because I am very busy at work and therefore have less time to chase some new deals ! Still, I was able to set up a cool trade with Nate recently at Big 44 Cards. Here's the loot !!

First up a bunch of minis !! I love minis and I am still trying to complete several sets including the GQ mini sets. Therefore these were very welcome !!

I also still need a bunch of base cards and Nate send me two nice ones !!

Nate also send me a few 2013 inserts I still needed !!!

Lastly, Nate send me a Verlander Relic card, a cool addition to my Verlander PC !!

Thanks Nate for a cool trade !!

Still have some backlog with one package of cards still needing to go to Italy. Other then that I am all ready to set up a new trade so let me know !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My First Leather !

I noticed that the Gypsy Queen mini sets all have a 1/1 leather mini. Never saw one in real life but recently a leather Blyleven popped-up on eBay. I knew this was my chance to get my hands on some leather and the fact that I am one of the few collecting Blyleven cards helps as well in this respect !

So long-story short...here is my first leather mini card !!

Interesting minis these leather minis !! What do you guys think about these leather minis ?

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Red Tribute !

Quick one today with my latest Kershaw addition, Kershaw in Red !! I love these Tribute cards !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pleasing the Crowd !!

I have been lucky with Topps Redemptions (as opposed to Panini who hasn't send me my Kershaw yet). Today I received another two, Topps Tier One Crowd Pleasures !!! Here are the latest additions to my Glavine collection !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My First Soccer Auto !!!

This year's Allen & Ginter included a couple of soccer players, which a European guy like me thinks is very very cool. Of course, most of you Americans will look at me funny but do note that Soccer is the largest sport globally and the soccer world cup final very likely beats the Superbowl in terms of viewers. One of the players was Holland's key striker, Robin van Persie !! He plays for Manchester United on a daily basis and has been the striker for the Dutch team for years now. So since the summer I have been chasing his auto framed mini, first few were for way above $100 dollars but they have been steadily coming down in recent months, coming down enough to take the bait and get a great one for my collection !! Here it is !!!

Next step, the Pele one, although that one will likely stay out of my price range for the next few years ! How about you guys, anyone chasing soccer players ?

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Trade with Italy !!

Not a lot of people in Europe collect baseball cards but I am happy to know a few. One of these collectors is Calciati Riccardo from Italy, the only Italian I know, at least for now, who collects baseball cards ! Last week I received a big, big package from Italy with some awesome cards. He really went out of his way to make this a great one !! Here's only a few great cards he send me as I can only show a small portion of the loot ! Let's start with Glavine !! If there is a new Glavine in a package the package is already a huge success. In this package there were actually multiple new Glavine cards for my PC !!

More great pitchers were included !! Here's Verlander and the Flying Dutchman, Blyleven !!

Some large (maybe box toppers) were also included. Here's Seaver and Ryan ! Cool looking cards !!

Another interesting card was included. Have a look at this one...I already had a few of this set but this one was new to me !!

Another set I discovered, Upper Deck Yankees Classics...I think I am going to try to complete this set, looks like a cool one !!

Lastly, two more cool cards, Michael Jordan (yes, I had Air Jordan shoes as well when I was young) and a cool Legendary Cuts card !

Thanks for an awesome trade !!! Be on the look-out for a return package in the coming period !!