Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spanking Loot and Dodger Trade Bait !

Earlier this week a big package arrived at my doorstep from Spankee at My Cardboard Mistress. I joined his group break a few weeks ago while at the same time making a very cool trade ! Today I will show you some of my group break loot while I will discuss our cool trade tomorrow. As I was again sleeping while the box break was launched (I should really stop sleeping when box breaks are in sight !) I missed out on the Yankees so figured to go for the Dodgers for some Kershaw and some trade bait...and a huge pile of Dodger I got ! Have a look and let me know in case of any interest !

First up the Dodgers hit of the break, a Shawn Green relic ! Furthermore, a numbered Allen Webster, one of the 2008 draft picks by the Dodgers.

I also scored two minis !!! I love minis !!!

Here's Manny and Matt !

Manny and a Yankee (let's see for how long!)

Kemp again and an interesting Mike Marshall card

One for my PC, Kershaw ! and another Heritage for trade !

Another interesting small and long card of Park

Another Kershaw and a nice Lineage Robinson

Again, if you something you liked let's trade ! Thanks for a cool group break Spankee !! Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow !

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Timmy's on a role !

Tim Lincecum has had a poor season but clearly regained some strong momentum as a reliever during this World Series. A few days ago a received a pile of Lincecum cards to add to my collecting. It included a very cool golden ring card. Although a fake piece of ring of course I still like the look and feel of this very thick card a lot !

In addition to this cool card the pile included several base cards, refractors and minis. Here's Topps Finest, both the base and refractor !

The same for Topps Chrome, the base and refractor card

... and why shouldn't Topps use this picture over and over again so here's another one from the Topps base set, red border variation ! Also a cool Cut Above insert card !

a Topps mini was also included and I always love a mini !!

Lastly, one of his inserts, this one from this year's Topps Update

Earlier last week I was also able to pick-up one more Triple Threads Lincecum card (#/18).

All in all some cool additions to my Lincecum PC, one that moved to the background a little but has seen some more momentum recently, like the man himself !!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Starting with Topps 1976

I have come to appreciate vintage more and more in recent months. The definition of Vintage is still not quite clear to me but my personal definition is simply anything before 1985. I have not been collecting much Vintage up to now but recently decided to give it a go and I am really enjoying it. My key focus is on Topps 1976 set, the year I was born. I don't own many cards yet from that set (I did receive a few from Jeff at My Sports Obsession a few months back) but I was happy enough to "win" a bunch on eBay which gave me a nice start. I hope to get a Want List up soon (but for now simply assume I don't own much of it in case you have any lying around!). Here's my first batch of Topps 1976 !!

My favourite card of the bunch of 1976 cards I received was this Blyleven, one of the players I am collecting, The Flying Dutchman ! Rollie Fingers was also in the pack !!

The famolus Tommy John and a great Pirates card !

Meet the Rookies of 1976 !!

I love the Astros jersey's they had back then !

A quick reminder which teams did well in the 1975 season with the Reds winning in the end !

A Yankee was also included ! and the father of Nick, one of today's Yankees (not sure for how long...)

Two last ones including former Yankees GM Torre !

All in all I really like the Topps 1976 set and I am definitely going to try to complete it in the coming years. So if you have any spare ones let me know and let's trade !

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adding another Freak !

I like the Topps Triple Threads set but never bought any boxes given the high price point. However, I do keep my eye on individual cards on eBay and recently Tim Lincecum has been fairly reasonably priced. Clearly for a good reason as he has had a very difficult season and one can doubt if he will ever return to the level he pitched at a few years ago. Although my Lincecum PC has not been a key focus for me lately, when I saw this card for a very reasonable price I jumped at it. I guess a lot of people have stopped chasing Timmy's cards. Meet my latest addition to my Lincecum PC, here's The Freak !

Thanks for visiting my blog today, watch-out for some Vintage tomorrow !

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"O" No !!! More Braves for Trade !

Recently, Ryan at the "O" No !!! Another Orioles Blog held his first Group Break and I decided to give it a shot. He had a cool selection of older boxes including Pinnacle Zenith, Fleer Sports Illustrated and Topps Finest. The Yankees were already taken so I grabbed the Braves for some Glavine and some Trade Bait. Of the former I only got 2 but I now have plenty of additional trade bait for all you Braves fans out there !

Let's start with the Glavines ! The Zenith one I already owned but the Sports Illustrated one is my latest addition to my Glavine PC !

And now for a selection of the other Braves, all for trade ! Smoltz and Chipper !

Maddux was there as well and another cool Smoltz !

Two more, Saunders and McGriff !

One more Maddux !

This was just a small selection of the pile of Braves cards I received. So in case you are interested in any let's trade !

Thanks Ryan for a cool Group Break, looking forward to the next one !!