Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Breaking a Box of 2012 Cooperstown !!

The last box in this box breaking series of the last 10 days or so is a box of 2012 Cooperstown. I actually thought that the 2012 Cooperstown set was a cool one and I am still trying to complete some of the inserts !! At the same time, this box yielded me a lot of doubles so if you need any of the base cards do let me know ! Now let's see what was in the box !!

First up a few of the base cards, just to get a feel !

This set has plenty of inserts. I like the Famous Moments ones although the silk Yogi Berra is also a nice one !

More inserts ! Induction and Credentials inserts, I find these a bit boring to be honest...

Anyone need one of the codes, not sure if they are still valid but I can't use them as I am not a "local" so first come first serve !!

Three more of the insert, some cool ones included !!

All in all a fun break ! Have plenty of base cards to trade so let me know in case you are interested !

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Breaking a box of Panini Americana

When ordering stuff from Dave & Adams they often give something extra for free. This time it was abox of Panini Americana. I have never opened one before so this should be fun !!

Let's kick off with two pilots from history !

More sports, summer Olympics ! When I see Jenner I usually the word "Kardashian" spring to mind instead of Bruce !

More sports !! The Hamilton is clearly miscuts !! Try to do a better job Panini !!

Astronauts !

Soccer was included in the pack as well, although only women soccer !

Presidents were also present in the pack, quite a few actually, here are two !

Let's finish off with Soccer, again women's soccer !

That's for this box. Happy to trade so let me know in case you are interested !!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Breaking a box of Donruss Elite

Staying with the "Breaking a Box" Theme of the last 7 days or so today I am opening a small box of Donruss Elite I was able to get my hands on. This wa san older one from 2012. If anyone is looking for cards from this set let me know as they are all for trade !!

Let's start with some New York ones that might stay in my collection ! To be honest, I don't know any of them so will need to do some digging later !!

Two more, a New York one (Mets or Yankees I am not sure of yet) and a numbered Coulter from Milwaukee !

Let's go to the two "hits" of the box, two auto cards, one of Wilson and one of Juengel, from the Cardinals and Marlin organisations I would figure !

That's it for today, let me know in case you are interested in a trade !!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Breaking a box of Finest !

I recently opened a box of Finest !! I love Finest although I do struggle with the price a bit. Still, one box every few years we can do !! Here's what I got !!

Let's start with a few base cards for my Yankees collection !! Jeter and Tanaka !!

Another Jeter so a Jeter hot box !! A very cool Billy Hamilton, numbered to only 10 !! Noticed one go for over $40 so might get something for it !! Not sure how I will go about but recently opened a COMC mailbox so might add this one to it !

Two more cool insert cards ! Abreu and Cabrera !!

The box also contained a few numbered cards, here's two of them !

Another cool insert Finest Vintage !! Love the Ryan !! A Refractor was in the pack as well !

Let's move to the two "hits" of the box. autos from Bethancourt and Castellanos, both for trade !!

That it for my box of Finest, not great but a decent one ! Yuo guys opening any Finest ?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Breaking a box of Donruss !

Together with the Chrome box I showed a few days ago I was able to get a cheap Donruss box. Not a big fan of the Donruss set but it was cheap so couldn't resist ! Here's the loot !!

Let's start with the "hits" !! I was very lucky to pull a "Dutch" auto, Profar !!!! Also a Morse, which is for trade !

Although I am not a fan of the basecards, the set does have some cool inserts. Here's Sandoval and Ripken !

Two Parallels, Press Proof and one other which I have no clue what to call !

Two more inserts, "Hall Worthy" !!

I like these Rookie inserts !! Here's Flores (I witness his debut live at Citi field !) and Rupp

One last hit in the box, a Dirks Jersey, which is for trade !

That's it, hope you enjoyed it. If you are looking for any Donruss let me know as I have a pile for trade !!