Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My first PWE !!!

A few days ago I received my first PWE ! I have read about these before but never received one. A great first one it was !! Jeff at 2 x 3 Heroes send me a cool PWE with some of my favourite pitchers, Glavine, Blyleven and Rivera !!!

First up two new Glavines !! A cool, small, Fleer double header and a nice UD All Star card !

The Flying Dutchman, Bert Blyleven was also present, a cool Topps 1980 card with a nice hat ! Jeff also included some cool Rivera´´s a Cracker Jack !

Two more cards, two more cool Rivera´s !!

Thanks Jeff for a cool PWE..who might get one in return !!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dutch Beauties

Quick post today on some Dutch Beauties ! I like WBC Tribute and it has some cool cards of some of the Dutch players ! Meet Simmons and Schoop !!

Oke oke, for people that were expecting some other Dutch beauties....enjoy !

Supermodel Doutzen Kroes

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anyone likes Trains ?

I have lived in London for a few year and during my stay I sometimes visited the local antique markets in search for fun stuff. On one of my journeys I found some cool cards. Of course no baseball cards, not even sports cards but cards of old trains and rail equipment. I have always been a fan of the old steam locomotives so I this was a great find. It's a set of 50 cards, cigarettes cards that is. Issued by Wills in 1938 in England. 

In addition to the above trains some more railroad equipment !

All in all I really like these and if I find some more I would love to pick them up !! What do you guys think, anyone collecting these ?

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Buck Store Trade !!

A while back I was contacted by Douglas at BuckStoreCards as he had some cool cards from my Want List !! Whenever that happens I make sure a trade is quickly born !! The cards arrived a few days ago, have a look !!

First up, the best inserts of 2013, the Elite/Greats from Topps Flagship product !

Two golden Oldies, Seaver and Yogi Berra !!

More inserts !! A cool Allen & Ginter one and Cut to the Chase Mike Trout !

More cool cards, legendary (to be)pitchers !!

Lastly, minis !!!! I still need loads so these are very welcome !!

Thanks Douglas for a cool trade, a return package left Holland a few days ago !!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Need Help, part 2 !!

Me again, again looking for some help !! I love minis and was recently able to pick-up a Millhouse Tom Glavine mini. The back lacks a year or date or anything that helps my identify the card. Also the Beckett database is not really helpful (or I am not using it properly). Anyone knows these cards and has more details on them. Is this a real 1/1 ?

Any help is appreciated !!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Need Help !!

I need some help. I recently picked-up a nice Bert Blyleven autographed card. Supposedly it is one of the 2004 original buyback cards by Topps.  A clear hint is the Topps sticker on the back. I was wondering, is there any site/place where I can input the code to get more information on the card etc ? Can't seem to find anything on the Topps site and Google was not that helpful this time either !!

Thanks for the help !!

Monday, July 15, 2013

World Baseball Classics !!

Topps Tribute recently launched a World Baseball Classic variation. Normally I don't care much about WBC cards but recently they include a lot of players from Holland !! Hopefully I can show some of those in the coming weeks on my blog. Today a cool addition to my Rizzo collection !

I like these cards !! What do you think ? Did Topps do a cool job or not on these ones ?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crackin Wax Charity Loot !!

A few weeks back, Crackin Wax held a group break for charity (St. Jude Children's Hospital), so double the fun, we help charity and get some cards as well ! So I quickly participated and ended up with the Mets for hopefully some Glavine cards !! Here's what arrived at my doorstep !

First-up, some beautiful Gold Label cards, I really like these and trying to complete the set (only just started) so these are very helpful !!

Next-up, two Topps Reserve, also a nice set I must admit, first time I came across these.

The two "hits" of the break, a awesome Cut to the Chase (I already have it so up for trade!) and even an auto card was included, Jefferies, to be honest I have never heard of him (up foer trade as well).

Glavines were included !! Here are two nice ones !!

Lastly, two Topps Finest, Blue Chips !

This was all just a selection as it was a big pile ! I am looking forward to contribute to charity next time !!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hot Hot Loot !!

I was recently contacted by Pat at Hot Corner Cards as he was interested in some Tigers. A trtade was quickly born and the loot arrived a few days ago !! Pat helped me out with a lot of my set needs so a great trade in the end ! Here's what I got !!

First up, Yankee Stadium Legacy !! I can use them all as I still need some 5,000 to complete the set !! In addition a cool 2013 Heritage card for my Kershaw collection !!

Any package with Glavine cards is a succes and this one was no different !!

Yankees from 2013 Heritage were included, here are two of my favourites !!

A few 2012 Archives that I still needed, Vogelsong and Votto !!!

Minis !!! Yes, Pat included some minis from my Want List ! I really hope I can complete the GQ mini set at some point so send in your extras !!

Two Blockbuster cards from the Update set I am trying to complete ! Ryan and Sandberg !

Lastly, one of the Gypsy Queen inserts I was still missing. Hopefully I can complete the full set by the end of the year so if you have any extras let me know !!

Thanks Pat for a cool trade, looking forward to the next one !!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goodwin anyone ?

A while back I was able to get my hands on a 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions box cheaply. I had never opened one so was curious to see it. I must admit I was a bit disappointed and this doesn't do it for me to be honest. Still, it did contain one or two cool cards. Everything you see is for trade as I am not going to chase the set !!

First up, Hulk Hogan, didn't he have his own TV show recently, I know him from his guest appearances on the A-Team, my favourite TV show as a kid ! Also meet Jason Kidd !

Carlton Fisk and the mailman, Malone !

Wrigley, I assume the stadion is named after him, and Ernie Banks !!