Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Tribute to Kershaw !!

I love Topps Tribute ! However, these boxes are way too expensive for me so my strategy is to simply focus on the cards I would like for my player collections. Here are two Kershaw's I was able to pick up !

Firstly, a beautifull "Tribute to the Stars" jersey card numbered to 50. I really like these !

The second card is a double-relic card "Superstar Swatches" ! These also look really great and this one is even numbered to only 15 !!

Really love these cards so might pick-up a few here and there for my player collections !!

You guys like these cards as well or am I the only one here ?

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Monday, April 29, 2013

Baseball Dad delivers the goods !!

Last week I received a nice package from Jack, also known as Baseball Dad from the blog All Tribe Baseball. Jack send me a fun collection of cards with the initial trade starting because of a cool Jeter Cut to the Chase card. I love this insert set and I am trying to complete it so this card was very welcome !!

In addition, Jack send me a random pack of cool Yankees cards, some with a clear like to my home country, the Netherlands. Here's a couple with a Dutch connection !!

Well actually no Dutch connection here, but let's have a look at some real ones that Jack send me ! Robert Eenhoorn, one of the few Dutch players in Yankees history ! Jack also added a Chasing the Dream card from my Want list !!

Here's another Eenhoorn in full action  !!

I also have big difficulty getting my hands on Target/Wallmart/Toys R US coloured parallel's from Europe so these to parallels are very welcome, Kuroda and Granderson !

My favourite Yankee, Rivera was also present, 2 cool cards !! I love the Masterpieces set but this blue Spectrum card also looks great !

Jack also send me some "older" stuff, sets I am trying to complete and hopefully have Want Lists for in the coming weeks or months !

Thanks Jack for a nice package !!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

On his way to New York !

With Cervelli getting injured (again) Austin Romine was called up a few days ago and should be on his way to NY, likely already starting tonight !

A few months ago I was able to pick up one of his Autographs, a 2012 Topps Finest !

Let's hope he does well !

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Glavine 1/1 and some Goudey !

Well, it's probably a 1 out of 4 or 5 as usually more printing plates for the same card exist. The version I was able to pick up was a nice Yellow one of the 2007 Fleer Ultra set.

In addition I was lucky enough to get my hands on another cool Glavine Autograph card, a 2008 Upper Deck Goudey !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Friday, April 26, 2013

Some Silk !!

Quick post today with my latest Silk Collection card, a 2013 Kershaw !!

Hope to pick up some more Silk Collections in the future !! I was able able to score a nice Gypsy Queen mini relic card of Kershaw, a really like these mini relic cards !

That's it for today, enjoy your evening !!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Affordable Group Break Loot !!

I recently participated in one of Colbey's group breaks at Cardboard Collections. This time he opened some great boxes including 1998 Pacific Online, 1998 Pacific Paramount and 2000 Topps Gold Label. The loot arrived earlier this week, let's have a look !!

First up, Topps Online, a real cool set of cards, here's Jeter and Strawberry !!

I like the Pacific Paramount set as well, including this new addition to my Rivera PC !!

I love the Topps Gold Label set as well and I am trying to complete the full set so these are very welcome.

This set also has some beautifull inserts and I was lucky that Colbey pulled this great Jeter for me !! A real treasure !!

Two more cards were included, a great GQ mini which I still needed to complete the mini set as well as a cool Whitey Ford card. Can't recall if these are just extras or that these were part of the break as well.

Colbey, thanks very much for the group break, I am looking forward to the next one !!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Verlander mini relic !!

I recently picked up my first framed relic of a player I collect from this year's Gypsy Queen. I really like these framed mini relic cards, what do you think ?

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Monday, April 22, 2013

Package from Thorzul

I recently participated in a blind "Trade Bait Dump" at Thorzul will Rule. I received a big package a few days ago with lots of stuff from both the Braves (all for trade!) and the Yankees.

Let's start with the Braves. Sadly enough, no Tom Glavine cards so that was a shame. It was however, a Dion Sanders hot pack with multiple copies of the Triple Play and Donruss cards below. Any Dion Sanders collectors around ?

and more Dion Sanders and of this Donruss card even 20 were included, all for trade ! Also some cool Yankees cards, Cone and O'Neil !

Some more Braves...and there he is again, Dion Sanders...

and more Braves, some cool cards of e.g. Klesko which also had a lot of cards in the pack !

Let's move to the Yankees. Some more cool cards with the O'Neil for trade as some 10 copies were included ! Really like the Cone card !

Some more cool Yankees cards !

To finish off with some more Yankees !

Thanks Thorzul for the package !

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Opening Day Box Break Means Trade Bait

A while back I opened a box of Topps Opening Day 2013, usually a fun, cheaper, break every year. Like previous years I am likely to chase the full set and I am still missing some so check out my Want List in case you have some for trade ! I won't show you all the base cards but just some of the inserts and blue, numbered parallels that are for trade ! Here we go !

Let's start with the fun of every Opening Day set, the Mascotes !! Meet Slider and Gapper !! I have 4 for trade including these 2 !

Next up all the numbered blue parallels, all for trade if you are interested !

One more, Trevor Bauer of the Indians

Two for my personal collection, Verlander and Lincecum !!

As said, Want List is up so let me know if you fancy a trade !

Thanks for checking my blog today !

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cards from Italy !!

A while back I was contacted by another Baseball card collector in Europe, Riccardo from Italy !!! Always good to know I am not the only one here in Europe collecting this cards !! Riccardo wanted to send me some cards and they arrived last week, a cool bunch of cards ! Riccardo doesn't have a blog just yet but is toying with the idea of starting one as well. I would certainly recommend it as it brings a lot of extra fun to the hobby being part of a great blogosphere !! Well, let's move the cards that Riccardo send me !!

The cards were mostly random and that made it fun to go through so let me show you some of the cards. First up, always appreciated, Tom Glavine cards !!!

Riccardo also send me a Ginter card of the 2008 set I still needed so thanks so much ! He also included an interesting Donruss Classics, a set I am trying to complete, but I have never seen one with this "National Trading Card Day" logo on it !

Two more interesting cards from a set I have never seen, Upper Deck Honor Roll.

This set I like, Diamond Kings, 2 cool cards, Beltran and Loaiza.

Two more oddball cards, Ken Griffey Jr and The Bird !!

Two more cool cards, Martinez and Jackson

Last one for today, a nice die-cut SPx of Soriano, cool looking card !!

Riccardo, thanks so much for the cards, a return package will be on its way soon !!!