Wednesday, May 30, 2012

eBay pick-ups and some plugs !

Quick post today just to show you some of my recent eBay pick-ups ! First let me put in 2 plugs ! Firstly, Colbey at Cardboard Collections is doing another one of his famous affordable box breaks, this time opening the upcoming 2012 Topps Chrome. A lof of the big teams are not yet taken so checkout his blog !  

Secondly, there is another contest going on, this time at Baseball Cards, Sports and Life. Participating is easy, just follow him and comment on his blog. Check it out as it closes tonight !

Now to my eBay pick-ups. I recently decided to pick-up some Bert Blyleven cards, another one of the great pitcher in MLB history and one with clear Dutch roots as he was born in the Netherlands before moving to the US at a young age. I am even seriously considering starting a Blyleven player collection but for now decided to just add a few here and there. I saw this great Topps Tribute card on eBay for very little hence decided to go for it and I won ! Great card and hopefully more of these will follow !

Of course my eBay pick-ups included more Glavine, still the centre of my collection. Here's a really nice relic booklet of the Braves and Mets with Glavine in Mets uniform !

Another great Glavine card was this beautiful Premier Swatches card, numbered to 25 !

My last Glavine pick-up of the day was one of the Prime Patches

I also picked-up one of the Lincecum Tribute relic cards, this one numbered to 99.

All in all, pretty happy with today's mailman's visit ! Thanks for visiting my blog again !

Monday, May 28, 2012

Trade of a Lifetime with Charlie !

Recently, Charlie at Lifetime Topps project showed of a bunch of 2012 Gypsy Queen SPs which I still needed so I contacted him and a cool trade was quickly born !! Charlie send me a total of 8 GQ SPs (!) which reduced my GQ 12 SP needs to 20, so I really appreciate the trade a lot. In case you have any GQ SPs lying around please check my Want List and let's set up a trade.

Here are a few that Charlie send me: Ichiro and Halladay !

Here are the Longoria and Weaver SPs !

I won't bore you with the rest of the SPs. Charlie also send me minis !! I love minis !!

As I missed GQ last year Charlie was also nice enough to send me a few 2011 GQ base cards ! Here's Wilson & Koufax !

Heritage was also included with some of the cards I was stil missing, including 2 of my favourite pitchers: Rivera and Lincecum !

Lastly, Charlie also put in some extras including these !

All in all a great trade which reduced my Want List further ! Thanks very much Charlie for the trade !! Looking forward to the next one !!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dimwit Box Break loot arrives !

Sam at The Daily Dimwit recently held a group break, opening several 2012 hobby boxes including Topps Opening Day, Gypsy Queen and Heritage. I was lucky enough to score several teams in the break including the Yankees, Mets and Angels, resulting in a couple of nice additions to my collection.

Firstly, Gypsy Queen minis !! I really like minis and the 2012 GQ minis are no different (although a bit too many different variations if you ask me). I scored a variet of different minis including a black Jeter, a Jeter Glove story, a moonshot Pujols and a cool Mantle and Maris !

In addition, I reduced my GQ 2012 need list by one more SP as Seaver arrived at my dorstep as well !! "Only" 20 more to go so if you have any for trade do check my Want List please !!

If you need any GQ 2012 base cards let me know as I have plenty available for trade at the moment ! The break also included 2012 Heritage. Another Jeter was added to my collection and Weaver, recently throwing a no-hitter, was also present !

The loot also included the pope. I just traded my pope cards away a few weeks ago so maybe this is a sign ! Also a nice Santana numbered Chrome card.

My one and only hit from the break was also part of Heritage, a nice Jered Weaver relic !

Lastly, Topps Opening Day was also present. As I am trying to complete the set these were welcome addtions ! A Cano insert and a blue numbered Sabathia to start with !

Furthermore, a cool Pujols insert card as well as a Spot the differences Teixeira card.

It was clearly a Weaver & Pujols heavy break for me, here they are again !

All in all a fun break by Sam. In case oyu don'tknow his blog do check at out at The Daily Dimwit !

Thanks for visiting my blog again and enjoy the rest of the weekend !!

Friday, May 25, 2012

2005 Chrome break & Trade Bait Additions

I recently opened a box of 2005 Topps Chrome, a box which came with my recent 2012 Gypsy Queen delivery. As I need to go and enjoy the beautiful weather here in Holland I will keep it short today and just show you some of the hits !

The auto hit was one of Jeremy West of the Red Sox, not something I collect so up for trade !!

The base cards look pretty basic but cool in my view, here's Chris and Craig !

Luckily the break also included some Yankees for my collection ! Here's Gary and Alex !

Two nice numbered black versions ! Buehrle and Wells, probably keep the Buehrle for my Ptichers collection !

A red refractor was also presents.... a shame it was a Mets player....Steve Trachsel....for trade as well !

Lastly, a relic was also pulled ! Chrome the Game !! Lance Berkman of the Astros !! For trade as well !

That was the break, if you're interested in anything or are stll in need of some of the base cards let me know !

Thanks for visiting my blog again and enjoy the weekend !

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Artifacts Box Break & Trade Bait

When I ordered my 2012 Gypsy Queen boxes recently I also included a box of 2007 Artifacts, a box I recently opened. To be honest I was expecting another look and feel and found out I mixed up the years with another Artifacts set looking much better in my view. Still, I pulled some nice cards with a few cool hits as well with all of them for trade !

Have a look at the base cards, another Verlander for my collection !

The box included a few Yankees as well, here's Johnny Damon !

Now that we have seen a few of the base cards let us have a look at the hits. First up a Jermaine Dye relic card, numbered to only #199. I like the look and feel of these.

I pulled a Yankees relic as well !! A Divisional Artifacts card of Posada !!

The box also contained an autographed card, Garrett Atkins of the Rockies (up for trade) !

Lastly, a Jason Schmidt Sportcenter Swatches relic card !

All in all a fun break. If you are in need of any of the base cards let me know and the hits (except the Posada) are all up for trade !

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Trade Bait Draft Loot from JABO !

Today just a quick post with some cards as I have to get back to enjoying a sunny day in the Netherlands ! Already a while back I participated in Kyle's Trade Bait Draft at his blog Juuust a bit Outside (JABO). He had a cool collection of cards to chase and the loot arrived a while back. This is what was in the package:

I am a big fan of the Masterpieces set and still only need a few cards towards completing the set. Here's one of Gehrig, a really nice card. The card draft also helped my to get one step closer to completing this year's Gypsy Queen set, adding one more of the SPs. I still need a few SPs so if you have some lying around do check out my Want List and my Trade Bait list and let's set-up a trade !

I was also able to score two 2011 Topps Finest cards I was missing. Getting close to completing the set, only a few more to go !

Two more cool Yankees cards, a numbered Gehrig and a diamond Ruth Lineage

Granderson and another Ruth !

Also another step closer to completing my Topps Series 1 set with this Pujols addition ! Also scored a cool Griffey card !

Another Gehrig in the pack !! I also really like the Cano Chrome card, nice additions to me Yankees collection !

Mickey Mantle also joined the trade bait party !

Minis were also present and I was able to score me some more Lineage minis !! Still tons I don't have yet but we are slowly working towards completion (although very slowly as I guestimate being at only 20% completion or so !)

I also very much like this Jeter card so happy I was able to get my hands on it during the draft !!

As usual, Kyle was nice enough to add a few extra cards to the package, like e.g. these Topps Total Yankees cards !

Thanks Kyle for hosting a fun card draft ! I am off to enjoy the sun some more !