Sunday, March 30, 2014

Is it the Postseason already ?

I know, the season is only starting but I got my shot of Postseason already ! Here's my latest Kershaw !

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

World Sports - All for Trade !

A few months back there was a big sale on one of the websites and I picked-up a cheap Upper Deck World Sports retail box. I should have known better of course but oke :-) I case someone is chasing this set let me know, everything you see is for trade !!

Let's start close to home, baseball was included as well, here are two, Lassiter and Espinosa. You might know them, I don't :-)

The box was full of other sports as well, here's some soccer, the only real "European" sport in the box ! Although women's soccer isn't that popular in Holland to be honest.

Some more ladies in the box ! Turning (or Gymnastics as you call it) and Figure Skating.

Lacrosse is something we don't really play in Holland, no clue about the rules either...

Ice Hockey, or Hockey as you call it ! Calvin de Haan....sounds Dutch, must have Dutch ancestors !!

To finish the box, two more cards, Basketball and Bruce Jenner...isn't he linked to the Kardasians or am I mixing up stuff now...usually missing all the US gossip to be honest :-)

That's it, no hits or inserts in this box, only basecards ! Happy to set-up a trade in case anybody needs any cards from this set !

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Passing the 100 mark !!

Quick post today with my latest Kershaw addition !! After my Glavine PC I am probably most serious about my Kershaw collection (quickly followed by Blyleven and Rizzo). Meet the latest Kershaw, a cool Five Star Kershaw Auto/Jersey ! This one is extra special as it marks my 100th auto card !!

With this new addition I now own 360 different Kershaw cards, 16% of the total Kershaw cards made but still almost 2,000 more to go. So plenty of fun ahead !!!

As always, if you think you have a cool Kershaw for my collection let's trade !!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fantasy Baseball, part 2 !

Well, my blogger did not work they way I intended it yesterday which led to my previous Fantasy Baseball post not really being noticed. So if you like Fantasy Baseball here's the link to the previous post. Tips are appreciated to help this newbie a bit !!!

Let's finish with a new card ! Here's my latest Tribute to Glavine !!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Donruss Game Gear !

Recently Donruss was relaunched by Panini. Although I didn't break a box I did chase some of the "hits" and singles. One of those was a cool Sabathia that arrived at my doorstep a few days ago. Here is a cool "Game Gear" card, numbered to only 25 with a nice patch !!

Despite the lack of official logo I think Panini actually did a good job here. Let's hope Sabathia will also do a good job for the Yankees this season after a disappointing one last year !!

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Fantasy Baseball: Expert Opinions wanted !!

I recent months I started getting a little baseball Fantasy fever. I have never played Fantasy baseball and recently read a book about it that made me really enthusiastic. Luckily, Matt at Once a Cub was looking for some players to join his league and I jumped at the opportunity. I guess Matt was happy have a rookie in the league as well so they can profit a bit from my likely mistakes at the start :-)

I had to pass on the live draft as it was in the middle of my night here in Europe. Still, I was able to set some preferences. Here's what I got through the snake draft !!

Catcher: Buster Posey (can't do much better here right?)
1B: Anthony Rizzo (had my PC guy a bit too high on the list I guess, first rookie mistake?)
2B: Jurickson Profar (some dutch influence!)
3B: Evan Longoria
SS: Xander Bogaerts (more dutch influence!)
OF: Billy Hamilton (got me some base stealing here !)
OF: Shane Victorino
OF: Curtis Granderson
Util: Brian McCann
Util: Aaron Hill
Bench: A. Cabrera
Bench: L. Martin
Bench: Mark Teixeira (should I put him in the team at the expense of Rizzo because bench players do not score you points right ?)
Bench: Carl Crawford (traded him for someone else, but can't find on the site for whom just yet :-) I was worried about his recent injury and the competition in the team at the moment)

SP: Tanaka (!!)
SP. Felix Hernandez
RP: Wacha
RP: David Robertson
P: Julio Teheran
P: C. Janssen
P: C. Archer
P: Matt Garza (traded him right away for someone else)
Bench: T. Ross

On the pitching side I am not sure if all the pitchers can score (besides the bench guy) or just the first 4 ?

Let me finish with a card, a cool new Kershaw. He was my first pick in my list but apparently I was not the first to pick and he was snatched away !

So any thoughts, tips, views, please let me know, I am complete new to this !

Friday, March 21, 2014

New Glavine additions !!

Quick post today with two new Glavine additions !! Meet my latest Glavine relic cards, a cool Sweet Threads and aTrowback Threads, both in Mets uniform. Very happy to own these now given the low numbering, only numbered to 35 and 25 respectively !

This now brings my Glavine relic collection to 207 and the total Glavine cards to 1138 !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and in case you have any Glavine cards to trade do let me know !!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Starting Nine Trade !!

Last week I received a cool package from Max at Starting Nine, another new trading partner ! This blog really lead to great things, adding trading partner after trading partner...really awesome !! Anyways Max send me a cool package with a lot of pitcher cards as well as a few Yankees. Here´s the loot !!

First up, a couple of early Sabathias !! 2001 TeamBest which I had never seen before so a cool addition to my Sabathia PC !!

Max also send me a cool Blyleven for my Blyleven PC !! A blue Teixeira was also present !

A few Yankees Stadium Legacy cards were there as well, a young Jeter ! Love these cards and trying to complete the set (in the next decade or so given its a set of 6,000 cards !!)

Max also included an awesome purple Triple Threads of Mussina !!

Two more pitchers whom I collect (although at a very casual pace), Lincecum and Verlander !

Last up, the "hit" of the package, a lumberjacks Drew Hanson. Apparently, Drew played a few games for the Yankees before returning to the NFL to pursue a professional career there.

I even forgot to scan some of the cool Glavine cards he send me. All in all a cool package from Max, so thanks very much for the trade !!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Panini Redemption Arrived and moving into Trade Bait !

Believe it or not but I just received a Panini Redemption ! Good news for me and maybe good news for you because it´s for trade ! I don´t collect American Football cards and don´t know Carl Eller. So if you are interested in trading the card below let me know. Given my lack of Football knowledge I will just assume he was a legend, the cards states he is in the Football HoF, so I need at least a Kershaw or Glavine auto in return !! Just kidding of course, any fair offer will be entertained !!

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Affordable Group Break Loot !!

Recently, Colbey at Cardboard Collections organised one of his famous Affordable Group Breaks, this time opening 2 boxes of Panini Donruss 2014. I jumped at the opportunity and picked the Dodgers in the hope to get some new Kershaw cards (and some trade bait for my fellow Dodger collectors!). The loot arrived a few days ago. Here it is !!

First up the base cards, here are a few Dodgers, including Kershaw !! My random team was Oakland so some cards of them included as well.

Puig was also included, everyone seems to love him. Curious to see how he will do in his second year ! Both are inserts with the blue one even numbered. Both look kinda cool !

Two more inserts complete the overview, one of which the old "Diamond Kings".

Overall I think Panini did a fairly decent job in re-launching the Donruss brand ! No "hit" for me this time but all in all a cool break so thanks very much Colbey !! Looking forward to the next one !!

Puig cards are available of course so make me an offer I can't refuse !!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bob Walk the Plank Trade !

Matt at Bob Walk the Plank reached out to me a few weeks ago with a trade proposal. Of course I never turn down a trade so a few days ago a great package arrived !!! Matt outdid himself with some awesome cards !! First up, A Kershaw and Glavine card !!

The package was really a cool "pitchers" package. Here's a cool Verlander card !! I like these All-Star Stitches !

Here are 2 Sabathias !!! Note that the Donruss Studio card is a "Studio Proof" card which are numbered to only 10 !!

Last up, 2 more Yankees or I must say, 2 ex-Yankees. the Retired Rivera with a very cool Gallery of Heroes card, and Whadaya Know Cano !!

Thanks Matt for an awesome trade, looking forward to the next one !!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Printing Plate Mystery !!

Oke everyone, I need your insights !! I recently picked-up a cool Glavine printing plate. Being a Glavine collector I assumed that whatever Printing plate I come across I still need for my collection. So when the package arrived I was excited and loaded my spreadsheet. Interestingly enough, my speadsheet indicated I already owned it. Of course I checked right away and yes, I already owned a copy, leaving me with 2 Cyan Printing Plates like the one below.

Any thoughts on how this is possible ? I always figured these were 1/1s ?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

2 new A&G plates !!!

I love Allen & Ginter, I love the inserts, I love the base set and I loved how they "frame" stuff. I found 2 A&G printing plates which were nicely framed, A&G style !! Both from one of my favourite Pitchers, Kershaw !! One Yellow and One Black, One of the base mini and One of the extended mini !!

Two cool additions to my Kershaw collection !!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Momentous Material !

Quick post today on my latest Rizzo addition. Here's an awesome Museum Collection Momentous Materials, or at least, I like it !!

My Rizzo collection is progressing nicely. In case you have any to trade let me know !!