Friday, October 31, 2014

Kershaw cards !!

Life has been busy so I have been struggling with posting much in recent weeks. I am afraid this will likely have to continue for a bit more. Still, I try to post some cool cards now and then in between my job, study, kids and wife !! Here's a few of my latest Kershaw cards !!

Let's start with a few Prizm cards, blue and purple !! Numbered to 42 and 99 !

Here's another Prizm, Diamond Dominance (to 25). Pretty cool card and well done by Panini !

Last card for today as a Topps Finest Competitors !

Really hope Kershaw will be back strong next year and has forgotten about the disappointing post season.

Stay tuned for some more cool cards in the coming days !!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Contest Winnings from Bob Walk the Plank !!

Earlier this week I received a nice big yellow envelop. Opening it up it appeared it was from Matt at Bob Walk the Plank. The ones that have ever received a package from Matt know what that means....lots of goodies !!! Apparently, I was one of the winners of a contest recently, although I am not sure I can remember the contest, but I welcome the package anyways !!

Let's have a look at the content. First up, a huge pile of Sabathia cards !! Here's two, it's Vintage and it's not at the same time !

Couple more ! Let's hope Sabathia has something to laugh about next year as this year was clearly a disappointment for him personally and for the Yankees as well...

Matt also included a Dutchman, Andrew Jones ! Maybe even better, a very cool America's Pastime Rivera card, I really likes these !!

Matt included some more relic cards, here's a nice Winfield !

Another Andrew Jones was included, Piece of the Game !

Any package that includes Glavine is a cool one; and what do you know, there was a Glavine inside !!

Last but not least, the best card of them all !! A Verlander auto card !!!!!!! Wow, awesome !!!! Let's hope he recovers next year after this year's oke-ish season !

That's it, another awesome package from Matt, they never disappoint !! Thanks Matt for an awesome contest reward !!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love the COMC Mailbox !!

After some good tips from my loyal blog readers I decided to give COMC mailboxes a try. This way I don't pay the ridiculously high prices eBay these days is charging through their Global Shipping Program. At the same time it also combined the international shipping part and I have the opportunity to offer them for sale as well on COMC if I, by accident, buy two of the same (and this happens to often!).

The first COMC delivery arrived today !! Here's some of the loot. First up, Babe Ruth !!

Great card and love the relic, it's looks old (even if it might be a fake!) In any good package Glavine is included as well !! Another 2007 printing plate #1/1 for my collection as well as a Leaf Limited Relic card !

Kershaw was there as well ! I hope he (mentally) recovers from the difficult post-season games....

Last but not least, the Flying Dutch Man !!

Love the COMC mailboxes. Would recommend it to all European collectors. More already on the way !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Monday, October 6, 2014

Topps Delivers !!

A few months back I pulled a redemption, a Topps Chrome redemption. It was a Jose Abreu redemption and given all the hype this year (partly deserved of course) I decided to keep the redemption card and let Topps deliver the goods. Sooner than expected a Topps package arrived a few days ago with the Abeu card !! Here it is !!!

The refractor is numbered to 499 so not really rare but still a cool looking card with a cool autograph. I am probably keeping this one for now and see how he develops !!

With another smooth delivery from Topps I am actually beginning to like the redemption program, also because they ship for free, even to the Netherlands !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A new Kershaw

I was so looking forward to Kershaw's dominance in the play-offs but he had a terrible inning in which he basically blew the game last night, completely unexpected and very disappointing. Let's hope these 2 new Kershaw cards can bring the old Kershaw back in the next game (hoping they get there of course !).

Here's Kershaw in Donruss, non-logo, gear !

I actually like these Donruss Elite cards and think Panini did a good job here so 2 nice additions to my Kershaw PC !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !