Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cardboard Habit Loot !!

A while back Judson at My Cardboard Habit hosted a Gypsy Queen break. I usually can't resist these breaks and this time as well jumped at the occasion to snap the Cubs, getting the Indians as a bonus !

In addition to a pile of Cubs and Indians here's what I got !! Minis !!

I also got me some base cards I still needed !!

I also got another Insert, Rizzo !!!

I still need more minis and even some basecards and variations so if you have any let's trade !!

Thanks Judson for a cool break, hope to see more of those !!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Rizzo cards !!

Quick post today with two new Rizzo cards, one from COMC and one from eBay !

First-up my nicest Rizzo in my collection !! A awesome Museum Collection Booklet !! Now I just need to find a nice way to store them !

Second cards is a mini, not just a mini, a Gypsy Queen mini, autographed as well !!

Love these minis !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My first Blowout Trade !

Now and then I visit the Blowout Baseball card forum to read the chatter on players, new sets and cool cards. I also indicated on the site that I collect Glavine, not expecting it to result to anything. However, last week I was contacted by another forum member who had two cool Glavine cards for sale. Usually I can't resist these offers and this time was no different ! Here they are !!

A cool  auto for my Glavine PC, one numbered to only 5 ! In addition, a great relic card numbered to only 25 ! Thanks Cody for two cool cards !!

Anyone of you ever trading through the Blowout forum ?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Another Letter !!

Quick post today as I got myself another letter !!! As some of you might know I am trying to complete the Letterman set from 2009 Upper Deck Icons, got a bunch but also still need a few...not easy as they are only numbered to /30. Here's the letter L !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Friday, May 23, 2014

A Home Run Trade !

Recently I set up a cool trade with Mets fan Keith at The Home Run Apple blog. He had a bunch of 2009 Allen & Ginter for me while I had some cool Mets cards on my Want List that he was looking for so a trade was quickly born !! To be honest, this wasn't a bunch of A&G cards, he almost killed my full A&G 2009 Wants !!! Here's a small selection of what Keith send me !

Let's start with the base cards ! Here's Wright and Masterson, whom I only know because I drafted him in my Fantasy baseball by accident :-)

Keith also send me some of the inserts, here's Jeter and Griffey !

There's Jair Jurrjens, who I count as a Dutch player given he's from Curacao !

Cut to the Chase !! Still need a few so theses are very welcome !!

Triple Threads was included !! Here's Glavine and Sabathia !!!

To finish here's two Prizm's ! Rivera and Verlander !

Thanks Keith for an awesome trade, looking forward to the next one !!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Check out the Italian Blog !

Last week I received another package from Italy ! Yes, I have a trading partner in Italy, his name is Riccardo  and he even started a blog recently called The Italian Completist ! This is already our second or third trade and he put in some nice cards again this time. Here's what he send me !

First up some Glavines !! Any packages with Glavines is a cool package !

The Flying Dutchman was also present, as was a smiling Sabathia !

Some old Bowman Yankees cards !

Some minis were included as well !! Here's Pettitte and Cano !

Let's finish with a cool Glavine from a Postseason Scrapbook !

Riccardo is a great trading partner so do set up a trade with him when you can and check out his blog ! Thanks Riccardo, a return package should be on its way in the coming weeks !

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New: Dave & Adam's Grading

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Dave & Adam's cards with a request. As you might know, Dave & Adam's provide me with my regular fix of wax every several months as they bascially have the most attractive shipping rates (when factoring in import costs). Anyways, the e-mail was about telling the world about there new grading services. To be honest, I don't use grading services that much (or actually never) but who knows, maybe they will change this segment of the market for the better. Here's a link so check it out !

Note that this is not a sponsored post I am just in a good mood today why not help out a good business !

As the saying goes, every blog post needs a cards so here we go, my latest Glavine addition !!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Topps Delivers again !!

Quick post today with 2 new Kershaw additions !! I am beginning to like Topps redemption program !!

Here's the frast one !! A shame it's a sticker but still a cool one !!

Here's number two, they look a-like but the numbering is slightly different !

That's it for today, thanks Topps !! Now let's hope that Panini can dream right :-)))

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Attention fellow traders !!!

As you can see on my Trade Trail overview, I trade a lot. I think it's fun and great that people inside (and sometimes outside) the blogosphere trade so easily with a guy from Holland. Therefore, I first want to thank each and every one of you for your willingness to trade with me, it makes collection so much more fun !!!

Still, I have a small request and I do feel a bit hesitant to ask as I appreciate your willingness to trade with me sooo much. However, I want to make everyone aware that when you send me a cool yellow bubble mailer, please be "conservative" with the estimated value in case you are asked to put such a number on the envelop. To give you a recent example, I received a great, great package from someone with an amount of $100 on it. I am not sure if it was worth a $100 or not but do note that that package cost me $50 in import costs and administrative fees :-)))) I am not going to mention names as I, again, really appreciate everyone that trades with me and I hope for this to continue for a long long time. My only request, be conservative when asked for the value :-))

Many thanks !! And as every post deserves a card, here is my latest addition to my 2011 Gypsy Queen Auto chase, Jose Bautista !!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

More Gypsy Queen !!

I love Gypsy Queen and even participated in a group break (more on that later). I wasn't lucky enough to grab the "hits" of some of my PC guys so I chased eBay a bit in recent weeks and was able to find three great additions to my collections !! Here they are !!

First up, Rizzo with a cool on-card auto !! I love these types of cards !!

Next up some Glavine ! Let's start with a game-worn patch, if we can believe Topps of course !

Let's end this post with a mini ! I love minis and in combination with Glavine it's always a succes !!

That's it for today. If you have Gypsy Queen to trade do check out my Want List !!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Package from Greg !

Earlier this year I held a contest and one of the winners was Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle. I send him a nice price but we also included a trade as I had a cool Kershaw card for him. Greg send me a very cool return package which arrived a few days ago. Let's have a look !!

First up two cool relic cards with two great Yankees Pitchers !

Greg also included some cool TriStar cards with some young Yankees, David Phelps is already doing fairly well in today´s line-up !

Two vintage card, if I may call them that ! A cool addition to my Topps 1976 set, some 300 cards to go !!

Greg also included an auto card, Eduardo Nunez !!

Minis !!! Allen & Ginter Minis !!! Another step closer to completing the full set !! If you have any to trade do let me know !!

Two of my favourite Yankees pitchers were included as well, Rivera and Sabathia !!!

Lastly, Greg included a World Series Commemorative Patch with Matsui !

Thanks Greg for an awesome package !! Looking forward to a next one and sorry for the shipping charges !

Saturday, May 3, 2014

My first Pepitone auto !

A while ago I came across an awesome Joe Pepitone card, a card on which no one seem to be bidding. During his career with the Yankees (1962-1969) he won three golden gloves and was named an All-Star a few times. Here's wehat arrived at my doorstep a few nights oke !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.