Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kershaw Threads

In the last few months I have been chasing some of Kershaw's Triple Threads cards. I already showed two of his before so here are three more, two greenies and one bronze ! Let's start with the greenies, both numbered to 18 so not easy to get and therefore took me a while.

 The bronze ones are a little bit more common, numbered to 27 but still, fairly rare in my book !

All in all some nice additions to my nicely growing Kershaw collection. Be on the look out for a big, big Kershaw post in the next two weeks after a great win recently on eBay when a Kershaw collector decided to put all his cards on the Bay !

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Celebrating a 1977 No-Hitter !

Quick post to celebrate a 1977 No-Hitter by the Flying Dutchman, Bert Blyleven. A cool card by Leaf from the Legends of Sport set, Inscriptions !!

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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Rivera Timeline, Guaranteed by Panini !!

Quick post today and some new Mariano Rivera cards I received recently. Two Panini Prime Cuts cards, from the Timeline relic insert set. The first one with his number 42, numbered to 42.

The second card also looks nice and is numbered to only 25 so a pretty rare one. To make one feel comfortable Panini added the phrase "The enclosed material is guaranteed by Panini America". Feeling comfortable yet ! It is really a shame that they can't be any specific, I mean, how do you mean "guaranteed by Panini"...what are we guaranteeing ? I would love to see a card that actually mentions the specific event, that would be awesome....yes, I'll keep dreaming !!
Well, let's hope Mariano has a great final year of his Yankees career, he deserve it !!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breaking a Cooperstown Box

A while back I was able to score one of the Panini's boxes, Cooperstown. I noticed a few cards going around the blogosphere and liked it from the start so decided to complete the set. Here are some of the cards I pulled.

The best cards for me are actually the Ballparks inserts. They really look great, nostalgic pictures showing the old ballparks. So after opening one box I now own one of these so some more to go and it might take me a while but it's worth it !

The base cards also look pretty nice with players from the past, here's Ryan and Morgan !

 Two more, Rollie Fingers and Dickey !

They also have more glossy numbered parallels, here's Ford. In addition, one of the other inserts, Famous Moments, Bob Feller's No-Hitter.

Some more numbered parallels, CY Young and Jimmie Foxx.

No Relic or Auto cards for me in this box so let me finish with 2 more inserts, another Famous Moments with Tom Seaver, and one of the Induction cards, this one celebrating Don Sutton's inducation in the Hall in 1998.

That's it for today, a nice new challenge to try to complete this set in the coming year(s) !!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring has arrived !!

Well, not exactly, in Holland it's still pretty cold with no spring in sight. However, last week a nice pile of Spring Fever cards arrived at my doorstep, a pile I was able to get on the cheap. I actually like this set a lot, these are really nice looking cards of a cool selection of players.

Here are the first ones, Trout and Rizzo. I am starting to like Rizzo a lot and he played very well during the Baseball Classics as well so I might start a PC on him at some point.

Here's Wright, the Captain, and Boone Logan from the Yankees bullpenn.

A Golden Oldie, Stan Musial, and a hot Cano who was the baseball Classic's MVP earlier this month !

Two more cards before I call it a day, Hamilton in Angels Jersey and the only Dutch player in the set, Profar, who joined Holland in the Semis during the Baseball Classics.

That's it, a cool set and happy to cross it of my Want List !

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Received a 1/1 printing plate twice !

Printing Plates....I am not a huge collector of printing plates...they have something cool but at the same time they don´t look sometimes I feel like chasing them and sometimes I don´t feel like chasing them at all. A few weeks back I was in a `let´s chase this printing plate` mood. I actually noticed 2 printing plate of Tom Glavine (who else!) which seem to be attractively priced. These were sold by different sellers.

Both arrived last week. Here they are !

Only when they arrived and when I looked closely I noticed that they seem to be for the same card, 2002 Fleer Box Score !! I always thought that these printing plates were #1/1 but all of a sudden I had 2, from different sellers in a timespan of a week, talk about coincidence !! It seems to me that the second one has been heavily used and probably replaced by the first one after a while !

So another printing plate for my Glavine collection. Let´s chase the actual card that was printing by them as I noticed I don´t even own the card itself yet !!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

A Roadkill Trade, Part 2 !

Yesterday we looked at the first part of one of my largest trade ever, a trade with Duane at Democratic Roadkill. Today's it's time for the minis part !! Let's start with some Kimball's ! I am trying to collect the set and only need a few more so these 2 cards helped me get a step closer to completion ! Here's Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson !

Duane also send me over a 100 2012 Allen & Ginter minis, helping me getting closer to completion as well. Do check out my Want List in case you have some lying around for trade ! Let's start with a couple of regular back minis !

and some A&G back minis as well !!

and some black border ones as wel, including several Yankees and Kershaw !!!

Duane also send me a huge pile of regular back 2008 Allen & Ginter minis but I had trouble scanning for the moment.

Duane, thanks so much for an awesome trade, looking forward to the next one !!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Roadkill Trade, part 1

I recently completed one of the biggest trades in my baseball collecting career with Duane at Democratic Roadkill, a trade largely focussed on my growing love for minis !! The trade completed several sets for me and gave me a big help with my quests to complete several of the Allen & Ginter minis sets. Given the size of the trade I will split it over several posts in the coming days !!

First up Joey Votto, a very important card. Why you may ask ? Well, it was the last 2011 Allen & Ginter card I still needed to complete the base set !!

Duane also helped me a lot with my quest to complete the Allen & Ginter 2008 base set although I still need a few so do check out my Want List ! Here are a few that Duane send me, two Rookie cards !

In addition to finishing my 2011 A&G base set, Duane also send me the last two 2012 A&G base cards I still needed so that set is now completed as well !!!

Duane also included some Masterpieces, black-border Masterpieces to be exact. I continue to feel this is one of the best sets I have come across in the last decade, beautifull cards !! Here's Verlander and Ford !

To close today's post Part 1 let me close with some 2008 SP Authentic, a set I am trying to complete and Duane helped me on my way with...only 3 more to go !!!

That's it for today. Be on the look-out for the minis part of the trade tomorrow !!! Thanks Duane for some great cards and thanks everyone for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, March 23, 2013

GQ minis !!!

I recently was able to score a nice pile of Gypsy Queen minis on the cheap on eBay and I decided to chase the full 2012 mini set. I am working hard on my Want List but in the mean time here are some of the minis from this nice pile !!!

and some more !!!

and some minis inserts !!

More minis tomorrow in what is likely the largest minis trade I have ever arranged !! My doubles pile of GQ mins is also steadily expanding so happu to start setting up some trades once I have the Want List done !!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Great Cool Rocking Loot aka a package from GCRL

Oke so with the work on a original title done let's keep this post simple :-)) I recently send a trade package with some Dodgers to Jim at Garey Cey Russell Lopes. Two weeks back I received a nice package back from Jim with some cool cards !! Here they are !

First up some CC Sabathia and Mariano Rivera, my favourite Yankees !! A really nice Sabathia card while the Rivera is a special NYY2 from the Yankees set.

Jim also send me two cool Heritage cards from the 2009 set, Glavine (one cannot go wrong there!!) and Verlander.

More pitchers, another Sabathia and a cool Seaver card !

Kershaw was also present ! A nice National Chicle I didn't have yet and Opening Day 2010 !

Let's finish with a nice Allen & Ginter Red Wolf mini !! One of the Animals in Peril minis I was still missing so much appreciated Jim !!

Thanks Jim for a nice package !! Thanks for visiting my blog today everyone !! Be on the look-out for a minis party in the coming days !!