Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stamps, Coins, I thought we were collecting baseball cards here ?!?!

A while back I showed everyone my first baseball card with a Stamp ! Sooner thereafter I found another "stamp" card. Well, if stamps were not interesting enough I recently found my first "coin" card, one of my favourite Dodger, Kerhsaw !!!! Apparently, this year's Heritage sets had a limited number of coin cards included, 1964 coins that is. Here's the Kershaw I was able to find !!

What do you guys think about these ? Should Topps continue to include these ?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kershaw Minis !!

A while back I noticed a minis lot, very well suited as these lots keep the shipping charges to Europe (relatively) low. The cards arrived a few days back and I am very happy with them. In addition, I was finally done with my "Kershaw" excel overview so let's start with that one !!

So, I now own 269 Kershaw cards which is a fairly good score after starting my Kershaw collection a year or so ago ! Still, this is "only" 15% of the total number of Kershaw cards so a fun challenge still ahead !!

So let's have a look at the new Mini additions !! First up a 2013 Heritage mini !!

Some Gypsy Queen, Topps 206 and UD Goodwin minis were included as well !!

Lastly, my first "no-number" Allen & Ginter mini !! This one comes from the 2009 set !!

All in all a nice "little" lot !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Premier Stitchings: Tom Glavine

I discovered a card on eBay I had not seen before, 2008 Upper Deck Premier Stitching, a cool looking card with a nice patch, celebrating Glavine's 300+ wins. In addition the card has an autograph and is numbered to only 25 (likely the reason I had never seen one before). Here it is, a cool addition to my Glavine PC !

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kershaw Tribute, part 2 !!

A while back I showed some Kershaw relics from this year's Topps Tribute, my favourite set so far this year. A while back I was also able to score one of his cool autographed cards, a real beauty !! Here is it !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My best GQ Mini !!!

I love Gypsy Queen and I love minis so any combination is really love. Combine this with Rizzo, the latest players I started to collect, throw in an Auto and one has a awesome combination. I was lucky enough to be able to pick up one of these, numbered to only 10 ! Here it is, my best GQ mini so far !!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bobby Murcer

A quick post today as I am still in Singapore for a quick trip. Today a great card of Bobby Murcer who played for the Yankees between 1965-1974 and 1979-1983 and was elected to five straight all-star games. Bobby sadly passed away in 2005. A great card, from the SP Legendary set, of a great Yankees player !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Latest Kershaw addition !!

Quick post today during a business trip in Singapore. Here's another cool addition to my Kershaw collection ! A 2009 Triple Threads card numbered to only 25 and looking pretty cool !!

That's all for today, thanks for the visit !

Monday, May 20, 2013

My best Tribute so far !!

I love the Topps Tribute set and actually feel a bit addicted in my quest to own all the different variations of both the Kershaw and Rizzo auto cards....but they look so cool !!

Here's my best so far, a beautiful red parallel, numbered to only 5 so I was really lucky to get one!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'll be in Singapore this week so only short posts the coming days !!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My best Topps Mini so far !!

Quick post today with my best mini so far, a 2012 Topps Mini Kershaw card !!! Not sure what the numbering of these mini auto cards is but I haven't seen this one much before so very happy to own one !!

Thanks for the visit today !

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trade with reader Marc !!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Marc from the United Kingdom proposing to trade some cards !! Well, that line always works for me and it's great to expand the trade partner circle that is getting larger and larger !! Marc could use some of the Piece of History relics and numbered cards and I got a pile of cards from my Want List in return !! Let's have a look !!

The best cards in my view, 3 Cut to the Chase inserts, beautiful cards !!

The second best cards are from the Topps 1976 set I am trying to complete as my first vintage set. Still needs loads but it's a fun project !!

Marc also send me a few minis !! I love minis and I only needs a few of these to complete this set so these were very welcome !!

The package also included a big pile of 2009 Piece of History, helping me get close to completion as well !!

Lastly, Marc send me a bunch of inserts from both the 2012 and 2013 sets, here are a few !! Cut from Above !!

Two more, Brown and Darvish !!

All in all Marc send me a great package so thanks very much Marc !! Looking forward to our next trade !!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Upper Deck Black Signature !!

A quick post today with a nice new addition to my Glavine collection ! An Upper Deck Black Prodigious Materials Autograph, or so they called it !! Nice card from during his Mets days.

This brings my total Glavine auto cards to 34 and my total Glavine cards to 1075 !! Here's the update !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waiting 'til Next Year ??

Don't think so as an awesome package already arrived this year, actually this week, in my mailbox so no need to Wait 'til Next year !! Tom and I recently set up a cool trade and the cards he send me are great ! Note that I need to thank his sister as well as she apparently is a collector as well and added to the pile of cards Tom send me !!

First of all, he was able to help my complete the 2012 Cooperstown base set !! Tom send me a big pile of Coopertown but these two were the best, a Blyleven for my PC and a cool Wagner !

Tom also send me vintage !!! I have started collecting vintage card a while back and will try to complete most of the Topps base sets. I started with the 1976 set and tom send me a bunch of cool Cubs from that year !! Here's two (and I must admit I don't know these guys).

Tom send me more (recent) "vintage", 2012 Archives, a set I am still trying to complete so these were welcome !!

Two Panini Triple Play, Jeter and Kershaw with the Jeter from the 2013 set !!!

Couple of more cool cards !, Some Opening Day inserts as well as a few 2009 Allen & Ginter, a set I am still trying to complete !!

A surprise pack was also included, exciting !!!

and in it was.......

Rivera !!!!!!

Awesome card for my Rivera collection !!!

All in all an awesome package so thanks very much Tom (and sister!) for the trade. Looking forward to the next one !!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Triple Play Trade Bait !

For the fun of it I openend a box of Panini Triple Play a few months back and only just now really had the time to go through it. Although it's a fun set I will not trying to complete this one as I have to pick my battles !! This does mean that besides the few cards for my player collections I have a load of Triple Play Trade Bait. Therefore, if you need any 2012 Panini Triple Play cards to complete your set let me know and we can set something up !!

Here are a few for my own collection ! Meet Verlander, cardboard and sticker !!

Lincecum was also present and Verlander as a kid !!

One more Lincecum !

Lastly, some real bat feel !! No clue where it came from but fun anyways !!

In addition to the above I have a big pile of Triple Play cards so if you need any let me know !!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fleer Metal Box Break & Trade Bait

Once in a while I try to open an "old" box which is usually a lot of fun ! This time around I got a 1996 Metal box on the cheap. Normally I always hope to score at least a Glavine from the set but I had bad luck with this one. Still, it was a fun break and most of it is for trade in case you are trying to complete the set (or are interested in the players/teams). Here's an overview of some of the cool cards !!

Let's start with McGriff and a Mining Gold insert of Chipper !!

This was clearly a Piazza hotbox with multiple Piazzas, here are two of them !

Here's another Piazza and Biggio !!

Sammy Sosa anyone ?!

and some more, enjoy the show !

I must say the cards look much better than the scans. Anyways, If you see anything you like let me know and we can set something up !!