Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taking a small break to study !

Although I am not a student anymore I do need to do some exams from time to time. March is that time ! So I need to focus and study hard the coming two weeks in a quest to actually pass my exam. Therefore, I will take a small break from the blog. Yes, I know it will be hard but I am confident you will survive for two weeks without me !! Nevertheless, having just send out a few packages again it does not mean nobody will receive any cards from Holland the coming weeks so be on the look-out !!

To finish with a card, here is one of my latest additions to my Glavine Collection !! A great Premier Stitching card numbered to only 25 !

Hope to see you back here soon !

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Blyleven Stamp card, dated 1939 !

A while back I showed off my first "stamp" card, a concept I was completely unfamiliar with. It was a cool Bert Blyleven card, the Flying Dutchman ! Since than I found another "stamp" card of Blyleven, also autographed and with a stamp from, it seems, 1939. It came from 2005 Leaf Century Collection and in addition to a stamp has a jersey as well and is numbered to only 39. I think it escaped the attention of most hence I was able to "win" it fairly easily and it arrived last week ! Here is my 2nd "stamp" card !!

I think it's an interesting card and a nice addition to my gradually expanding Blyleven PC ! Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pin relic cards: Sabathia !

Pin cards, a new concept for me but when I noticed that several of the pitchers I collect had one in Series 1 the "Chase" began ! I was able to score my first last week, a cool, very thick, Sabathia (and to be clear I mean the card!). Like with the Rizzo my nervousness caused me to bid on two of these and I won them both..... So now one is up for trade, preferably for one of the other CY Young pin cards of Kershaw, Verlander or Lincecum !!

Here's Sabathia in Indian's gear !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Friday, February 22, 2013

Two new Jersey cards !

Quick post today on two cool Topps 2013 jersey cards. Both guys are Chasing History and these cards are nice additions to my player collections !!

Thanks for checking my blog today !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rizzo Autos !!!

As most of you know by now, I collect several pitchers as well as Yankees. However, I do make exceptions sometimes. Anothony Rizzo is such an exception. Last summer I had the opportunity to attend a Cubs game while I was visiting Chicago. Against the Mets, Rizzo had a great debut for the Cubs and really got the crowd going in an otherwise fairly boring game. He had several hits and played a great game. Since then I have been following him a bit so when I noticed that Topps 2013 had several autos of Rizzo I thought it would be cool to own one.

And so it happened that a nice pakcage hit my doormat...oohh wait, 2 packages hit my doormat.....yes, in my quest to get an auto I bid one two different ones, clearly overestimating the popularity of mr Rizzo at the moment so I won them both ! Well, maybe this is the start of my first non-pitcher PC. Here they are !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!

Monday, February 18, 2013

137 Numbered Glavines & Dimwit Loot !!

As usual I had the pleasure of participating in another cool group break, hosted by Sam at the Daily Dimwit. Sam was opening Topps 2013 as well as some 2005 Topps Chrome. As the Yankees were taken I went for the Cubs and the Marlins and scored a few nice (insert) cards.

In addition to the box break loot, Sam also helped me out big time as he was willing to receive a package of Glavines for me from eBay (as the seller didn't want to ship to Europe). I am so happy that Sam was willing to help me out here as this was an awesome pile of numbered Glavine cards !!!!

What are these cool Glavine cards you are talking about you must think ?!? Well, as some of you might know I am trying to complete the Moments & Milestones insert set, consisting of over 300 different numbered Glavine cards (with actually 4 different colour versions so make that over 1200 cards!!!). Through Sam I was able to receive 137 Glavine cards, all numbered to 150 (the white version) !!! Here are a few !

So I very happy Glavine supercollector here and if you have any of the 2007 or 2008 Moments & Milestones let me know so we can set up a trade !!

On the box break I got 3 nice cards, in addition to a lot of base cards. First-up a great Cut to the Chase insert, these are awesome and I am working on completing the full set.

Sam also pulled a relic for me, a nice one I must say, Starlin Castro of the Cubs !

Lastly, another one of the Chasing the Dream inserts I was still missing, here's Stanton !
All in all another cool break by Sam but to be honest I more happy with the pile of 137 (!!) new Glavines !! Many thanks Sam for helping me out here.

Thanks for visiting my blog again and check out my Want List as I still need some of the Topps 2013 inserts and SPs.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Free Giveaway !!

So, apparently I have less than 24 people reading my blog....or at least less than 24 that actually want Free Million Dollar Chase codes ! Well, let's take a positive view and assume that a lot of you just had issues leaving a comment last week, were on holiday and/or had some other very good excuse to miss my free giveaway when I published my original post Wanna join the Million Dollar Chase ?

So if you haven't received a free code yet from me do check out the original post and leave a comment there ! I still have around 10 codes to hand out !!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and thanks for visiting my blog today !

Monday, February 11, 2013

Series 1, Box 4: Hits & Inserts !!

Another day, another box. Today box 4, my last one. Like previous days let's focus only on the Hits & Inserts !!

Let's kick-off with the hit of the box, a Brian Wilson jersey card. I am a little disappointed that out of the 4 boxes I did not pull any autograph, but I guess that's how it goes. I am not a big Wilson fan so this one is up for trade !

Three more great Cut to the Chase cards !

More Minis !!!!! But again exactly the same ones as an earlier box....bad luck indeed ! So all for trade as I am trying to complete the full minis set !!

The cards are Great !!

More Chasing the Dream cards !

Chasing History !

Calling cards with a new Lincecum for my PC and I think I already pulled Dickey in an earlier box so up for trade I guess !

I didn't dive into the whole variation SPs yet but I suspect that this could be a variation SP !

That's it for this years Series 1 box breaks. Although the "hits" were just alright I really like the inserts this year so will "chase" them all !! Now please check out my 2013 Series 1 Want List and let the trading begin !

Thanks for the visit today !

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Series 1, Box 3: Hits & Inserts !!

Today its time for box 3 ! To see the Hits & Inserts from box 1 & 2 please see the previous posts ! Also, just as a reminder, if you haven't seen my free giveaway do check out my Million Dollar Chase post of a few days back !!

Let's start with the Hit of the box !! Another Jersey card, not Musial like yesterday but Carl Ripken Jr, not too bad of a pull !

Oke, so now the annoying part. I love the Cut to the Chase inserts but box 3 had exactly the same 3 as I already pulled in box 1, very disappointing so all 3 are up for trade for some of the other Cut to the Chase as I really want to complete this inserts set !!

Two more The Greats inserts !!

More Minis !!!!!!

A new Sabathia for my PC !!

 Chasing the Dream !

Some more great Chasing History insert cards !!

Lastly, the hobby boxes are filled with some green parallels as well. I was very happy to score a Kershaw !!

That's it for today so stayed tuned for box 4 tomorrow !!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Series 1, Box 2: Hits & Inserts !!

Another day, another box break ! Yesterday I showed you the content of the first box I broke. Today, it's time to check-out box 2 !!

Let's start with the hit of the break, a Stan Musial Jersey card !! A lot has been said about the authenticity of jersey cards, but at least the cloth really looks old (so I am telling myself it must be real !!).

Another three awesome Cut to the Chase cards !

The great The Greats inserts !!

Chasing the Dream inserts

A couple of calling cards as well as a numbered base card to #/99, Ayala of the Orioles !

Here are the minis !!!!!!!

A few Chasing History inserts

That was box 2, stay tuned for box 3 with more awesome Hits & Inserts !!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Series 1, Box 1: Hits & Inserts !

Like last year I couldn't help myself and ordered 4 hobby boxes as I love to open packs of wax !! As I have a 1 week delay given the travel distance most cards has already been across the blogosphere (and back) and people are gradually getting tired of seeing more Series 1 basecards (I assume). So therefore, I won't bore you with any basecards and will focus solely on the hits and inserts !

I think that 2013 Series 1 has the best inserts of the last decade, I seem to like them all !! But before we move to the inserts let's start with the hits or actually 1 hit per box..........for me that was.....a redemption.......I am starting to get a bit annoyed with redemption cards. This is my 3rd one and I have never actually received a redemption card (although the Topps site indicates it has "shipped", whatever that may mean....). Nevertheless, it could be a cool card once it arrives somewhere in the future !

Now let's start with the inserts ! One of the most awesome inserts: Cut to the Chase ! Really nice beautiful thick and strong cards ! Box 1 had my first 3, Gwynn, Musial and McCutchen !

Almost as cool are the "The Greats" inserts, really nice thick cards as well. Here are Pujols and Henderson. I noticed they put in a Glavine as well !!! The first Glavine card in a few years I think so great news !! Sadly enough I didn´t pull any yet....

That's not all, Topps put in another nice inserts set, "Calling Card". Really like this one as well (I am starting to sound like a Topps groupie!)

The Chasing the Dream inserts also look nice. I really like the Rizzo as I attended his debut game at the Cubs in which he played very well and had several hits !

As you know, I am a big fan of minis and Series 1 also has minis !!!

Lastly, Topps has a Chasing History insert set as well (we seem to be "chasing" this year!). They as well look cool, the only downside is that they should start to put in some Glavine and Blyleven ! Still, very happy to pull Sabathia, Seaver and Nolan !!

Given that I like all the insert sets I am going to chase them all ! A nice challenge for 2013 !

That's it for today, thanks for the visit ! Be on the look out for some cool pulls from box 2 in the coming days!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wanna join the Million Dollar Chase !!

Like last year I bought a few hobby boxes of Series 1, always a fun start of a new year of collecting. Also like last year, people from Europe are not allowed to join the "fun" events that Topps organizes around Series 1. Therefore, I have again 24 Million Dollar Chase cards available which are of no use to me. Of course I could sell them on eBay but I rather given some rewards to me loyal readers (Yes, I mean you !!!)

So it is going to be simple, the first 24 of my loyal readers to comment will be e-mailed one of the (lucky) codes !! Also, you have to follow my blog and have my blog in your blog roll (which hopefully is already the case !!). Simple right ?!

So leave a comment and let's start the chase !!!! (and let's hope I have 24 readers !!)

Thanks for the visit and stay tuned for the hits & inserts from Series 1 boxes in the coming days !

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nachos Grande Break Loot !

Chris at Nachos Grande recently held a box break opening up several cool boxes including 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants, 2000 Topps Finest, 2006 Flair Showcase and 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball. I was fast and could claim the Yankees (!) and got allocated the Expos (it always feels I am getting the Expos or Marlins, so hard to get rid of these cards in trades :-)). Here's what I got !

Let's start with my hit of the break, a nice Matsui relic from the Play Ball set !

The nicest set was the Upper Deck Past Time Pennants, really nice looking cards. Here are two black&white ones of DiMaggio and Yogi Berra ! 

The cloured ones also look nice, here's Ford and Dent...I might even try to complete this set !

I also received a bunch of Play Ball cards, here's what they look like !

Also some Flair Showcase and Topps Finest, I am not much of a fan of that year's Finest to be honest...

One more "hit" I received ! Well, "hit" is maybe a big word but she looks nice !!

Thanks for the break Chris, keep up the good work !! Thanks everyone for visiting today !