Sunday, May 31, 2015

Another Orlando LCS & 1888 A&G card !!!

I don't have the opportunity to visit the US that often so when I go I want to make it worthwhile. That's why I couldn't simply visit just one LCS and found one more to visit !! So after I visit Orlando Sportscards I paid a visit to Big League Cards, a 1 1/2 hour drive but it was worth it and a fun visit with my boys !!

It was a fun shop with nice people around. Here as well they had some Pokemon cards so I bought my boys several packs that kept them busy for a while. The owner even gave them some additional special packs so they were a happy bunch !!

Chatting a bit to the owner, a really nice guy, he indicated he was the inventor of the Allen & Ginter RIP card and has been doing work for Topps for many years !!! Anyways, also great to meet nice people but in the end we were on a mission, a mission to score some wax !!!

The shop had a nice selection and a decided to buy a few singles as well as two boxes. I took one box of 2015 Museum Collection, my first high-end break ever, and a box of 2015 Diamond Kings.

I noticed a few 1888 Allen & Ginter cards in the shop and was immediately intrigued. I didn't own any cards yet from the 1800s and I love Allen & Ginter. As the price was not really that expensive here's my first Original Allen & Ginter card from 1888, meet the Sparrow !!

I starting to really like these cards so I might be on the look-out for some more of these in the coming years !!

The second single I picked-up was less exciting, just a single Glavine for my Glavine PC ! For completeness here it is !

That's was it. The kids played some more with the Pokemon cards before we left. All in all a cool visit and hope to be back there some day !
Be on the look out for the Museum Collection & Diamond Kings Box Break reviews in the coming days !!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Trading with the UK !!

I know of only one other Glavine Supercollector and we have been having a steady trading relationship since last year. Recently we set-up our 3rd trade already. Ian is actually based in the UK so there are even 2 Glavine Supercollectors in Europe, what a coincidence ! I send Ian a Leaf Glavine auto while Ian had a cool Flying Dutchman laying around for me !! Here it is !!

Thanks for the trade Ian !! Looking forward to the next one !!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Trip to the local Walmart !!

During my Orlando holiday I planned a quick trip to one of the Walmart in the neighbourhood. Why you may ask ? Purple Parallels of course !! So to satisfy my urges here's a few parallels I was able to score. Only the Schoop I will keep, the rest is all for trade !

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Series 1 Box Break 2 !!

Quick post today on my second box break of Series 1 I picked-up in Orlando recently. Let's start with the good stuff !!

The Auto of the box was one of the CUBS youngsters, Jorge Soler ! Soler made his debut last year August for the CUBS and I hope he will do well !

The relic card of the box was Johnny Cueto !! Always love some pitcher cards !

This box also included a pin, not to sure what to think about it but here's Posey !

Two cool vintage were included as well !!

I like these first pitch cards. I pulled Tom Morello which is very cool as I was a big big fan of Rage Against the Machine back in the 90ties !!

Also two Gallery of Greats were included, great insert set !!

The black parallel that was included was a Pirates card, numbered to only 64 ! Will add this to a package which I am already building today.

Several gold parallels were included as well, here's two, both for trade of course !

Anybody interested in these cards below, I have a bunch of them so let me know !

Several more of these shiny, I think, parallels were included as well. If somebody has any info on these let me know !! Both for trade !

That's it for box 2. I have loads of series 2 base cards for trade as well as inserts and parallels so happy to set something up !

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Series 1 Box Break

After two box breaks of 2015 Gypsy Queen it's time for 2 fun Series 1 box breaks, boxes I bought during my visit to Orlando. I passed on ordering some boxes when Series 1 came out so this was my first encounter with the set ! I will skip the base cards and focus on some of the inserts and "hits" !! The majority of cards you see will be for trade !

First up, Vintage !! I like this concept and can appreciate these cards a lot !

I love this year's Gallery of Greats insert set, here are two Dodgers !

This year's set also include the gold-border ones, here are four, are for trade !

Two more !

The relic card of the box was Dustin Pedroia ! A Red Sox one so it's for trade !

With these two I need you help. The seem much more shiny then the others and were situated near the inserts in the middle of the packs. Couldn't find info on them so curious to hear if this is just me being crazy or that these are really some sort of different parallels.

One black-border card, numbered to 64 was included as well, also for trade !

An auto card was also included, Giant's Erik Cordier !

The last card of today is a CUBS card ! I have been enjoying the CUBS a lot this season with all the young talent. Rizzo playing well again this season so that always make collecting him more enjoyable. Here's Baez with a logo pin.

That's it for box 1, stay tuned for Box 2 soon !

My Series 1 Want List should be up by now so, as always, let me know if you want to set up a trade !!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Gypsy Queen Box 2

Time to check out Gypsy Queen Box 2 that I broke during my Orlando holiday (bought at Orlando Sports Cards). As with box 1 let me stick to the inserts and "hits" !

First up, Queen Throwbacks with my latest Rizzo addition !!

Two silver minis were also included !! (not sure why the other box had 3 in there ?)

Two framed cards were included as well, Bautista and Peralta !

Let's move to the "hits" of the box. The relics with the Andrus being a nice one as I saw him play against the Rays last week in Tampa !

The two auto "hits" of the box were awesome ! First up, Pederson ! He has been doing great and I regretted a little bit that I traded away one of his autos a year or so ago. Love it !

The 2nd auto card also looks great and has a relic as a bonus as well. Here's Teheran !!

All in all a pretty cool box ! As said before, I will try to complete the full set including minis and inserts. I also still need plenty of base cards but have also plenty of base cards for trade. So let me know if you want to set something up !

Next up, let's break some Series 1 boxes

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Gypsy Queen Box 1

As might have been clear from my earlier post on my visit to Orlando Sportscards, I did break a few boxes during my Holiday. Included on those were two 2015 Gypsy Queen boxes. As the base cards have been floding the blogosphere let me focus on the inserts and a couple of "hits". As always, I will be chasing the full set again including minis so happy to set up a trade (find my Want List here!).

Let's kick-off with some of the inserts. Here's a re-appearing Glove Stories insets and a new "The Queens Throwbacks" insert set.

2015 is also the year of the appearance of "silver" minis, all numbered to /199. They look pretty nice in my view.

Another new insert this year is the "Pillars of the Community", a nice concept in my opinion. Here's Wright with the Statue of Liberty having his back !

Walk-off Winners is also a nice one, here's Jeter !!

Each hobby box also contains two "framed" cards, I pulled Jeter (which I forgot to scan) and the National's one below.

Let's move to the "hits" of the box, two relics and two autos. My two relics are Kimbrel, still in a Braves uniform, and Adams of the Cardinals, both up for trade !

One of my two autos was a redemption, Kevin Gausman. Kevin is apparently a pitcher for Baltimore (I should pay closer attention as I had not yet heard of him). Always fun to pull a pitcher ! The 2nd auto was Chris Archer of the Rays. Chris Archer is a fun pull for me as he was the pitcher that pitch against the Yankees at the Tampa Bay Rays Game I attended during my holiday (although I was not really impressed by Archer in that game to be honest).

That's it for box 1, be on the look out for Box break 2 in the next few days !!

Again, my GQ Want List is up so happy to set up a trade !