Friday, January 31, 2014

COMC: Rizzo Style !

Earlier this week I showed you my COMC loot from Kershaw and Glavine. Today the last few cards, all Rizzo cards !! Let's start with the "hit" of the package, a Museum Collection Momentous Material card, numbered to only 10 !!

In line with the Parallel theme we saw with the Kershaw and Glavine loot, here are two Rizzo parallels ! 

That's it for the COMC loot this week. As said before, I need so many more parallels of the players I collect such as Glavine, Kershaw, Rizzo, Blyleven, Rivera and Sabathia, so if you have any for trade do let me know !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

COMC: Glavine Style !

Earlier this week it was Kershaw's turn, today it's Glavine !! I had some fun on COMC and here's what I received this weekend !

First up, a nice red Topps Chrome parallel but even more fun a card with Glavine playing Hockey (or as we call in Europe, Ice-Hockey). I think that it's great that a player can even chose in which field he wants to have his professional career given the skills he had !

Like with Kershaw, it's parallel time ! Here's two from Finest !

Two more from Topps Chrome !

Let's finish with a few more parallels: More Topps Chrome !!

That's the Glavine loot from COMC this time. Be on the look out for a post on the Rizzo loot soon!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

COMC: Kershaw Style !

It was that time of year again (or actually that time of the quarter these days). I visited COMC and had the urge to check out of few of my key players, Kershaw, Glavine and Rizzo. Today I will show you some of the Kershaw cards with Glavine and Rizzo later in the week.

Let's start with the best card of the whole bunch, a card I have been wanting for a long time ! Meet Kershaw's Archival Autograph from the 2012 Museum Collection, love this card ! I picked up a green parallel of the base cards as well !

Next up, four more numbered cards, a 2012 Green Finest, a 2013 Blue Tribute, a 2013 Green Finest and a 2013 Brown(ish) Triple Threads !!

Let's stay with the colored parallel theme, here's two from Bowman, Blue and Orange......

........and two from Bowman Chrome, Blue and Purple......

.....and more Bowman, orange and purple !!

Clearly, there are so, so much more parallels to chase (getting a bit annoyed by it but hey, I am an addict) so if you have any from the players I collect let me know. In particular the retail versions are of interest as I have a hard time getting my hands on those from Europe !!

That's it for the Kershaw loot. More parallels later in the week from Glavine and Rizzo !

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sandlot loot !!

Joe at the Sandlot has been one of my regular trading partners since I started collecting a few years ago. Whenever I have excess Piazza cards or Mets in general I know how to get rid of them ! Earlier this week a nice return package from the Sandlot arrived with some cool cards, thanks Joe ! Here they are !!

First up, new Panini cards !! Despite the missing logos I think Panini is doing a good job trying to get some new fresh cards into the market. One of the few negatives these days is still their lack of any response on my redemptions which have been sitting there for over a year now. Anyways, Joe send me a couple of cool Panini cards including the Captain !

Some more Paninis were included ! My favourite Yankees Catcher and Closer !

I was very happy that Joe included 4 Yankees Stadium Legacy cards, helping me in my quest to complete the set. I think I have a few hundred now so "only" 5,000 or so more to go :-)

Some Bowman Chrome was also included, meet Sabathia and newbie Tyler Austin !

Mantle was also present and a cool Canseco card. Really a nice shiny Fleer Showcase !

 Let's finish with two more pitchers, another Rivera and Clemens !

Thanks again Joe for a cool package of Yankees cards !!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Topps Delivers a Kershaw !!

I have developed a habit of chasing redemption cards these days. Often a bit cheaper because there is risk involved (of Topps not delivering) and Topps delivers for free !!! Yes free !! So that saves me already 3-15 usd on the package ! Topps has always delivered so far, although I have been waiting for a couple for a while now. Still another cool addition to my collection arrived this morning: Meet Triple Threads Kershaw !!

Congrats Clayton with a great deal with the Dodgers for the coming years !!

You guys has good or bad luck with Topps redemptions ?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

PWE-ed again !

I received another PWE yesterday and surprise, surprise, it was from Jeff at 2 by 3 Heroes ! Again a few cool cards for my Rivera and Sabathia collections ! Here they are !!

First up 2 cool Bowman Rivera cards !!

But the PWE had 2 more !! Here's Rivera again with a young Sabathia as well !

Thanks Jeff for another cool PWE !!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Where's Richard Nebe & Leaf is back !

Quick post today. I have been busy making some packages and the first batch of contest prizes should go out the door tomorrow !! I also found myself a new Glavine !!! Leaf Sports Heroes ! Didn't know Leaf was back but there you go !!

By the way, anyone that can send me the e-mail of Richard Nebe JR so I can contact him for his address and send him a small pakcage ?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Contest Results !!

Oke everyone, time for some results !! As I indicated last Friday, 4 persons acutally commented on each and every of my 400 posts (now 402) !! Wow, just wow, they must really want these cards !!

In total 1777 comments were left during the contest and yes, it took a while to get these organised ! Oke let's first go to the 4 people that had over 400 comments:

Play at the Plate
Daniel Wilson
Richard Nebe Jr

In any event, even if you have the worst of luck and you don't win anything in the offical part of the contest I will send you some stuff anyways as this type of commenting behaviour should be rewarded !!

Oke, so the "rules" stated that I have 7 prizes and that the 1st and 2nd pick will be the ones that commented the most. So with 4 winners in this respect I moved to and, as I noticed with other randomizer procedures I randomized the list 3 times. Here's the result !!

Apologies, I am not a star in print screen but there you have it. DodgerPenguin has the 1st pick and once I have his pick in (I have a strong feeling which card that will be), it's Daniel Wilson's turn.

The second part of the prize distribution procedure is a randomization of the rest of the participants with people getting the number of entries inline with the scoring procedure. This means a randomization of almost 1,000 entries so that took a bit of work !! Here it is !!

Congrats to:

3. Night Owl
4. Rosenort
5. Greg Zakwin
6. Play at the Plate

The above ones can pick in that order !!

Last step is to randomize the group with people that participated but didn't win anything yet. This one will be the one man one entree principle for a chance to get your hands on the last card. Here it is !!

Congrats to Chuck Used Cards !! Not much to chose from anymore but at least a free card will be on its way to you soon !!

This means that we have one person who commented on all posts and did not win anything up to now: Richard Nebe JR. This feels like too big of a unjustice so Richard, shoot me your address and will send you a bunch of cards as well.

Thanks everyone for participating, hope you enjoyed the ride. I know I did !! Let's make 2014 another great year of collecting with lots of fun trades and blog posts !!

Let's see which cards the winners pick !