Saturday, June 29, 2013

Archives loot !!

Achives !! Well acutally I don't like this year's archives a lot. Still, a group break is always fun so I joined Chris' his break at Nachos Grande a few weeks ago. The package arrived last week and here is the loot !!

First up, two of the "hits" !! Yogi Berra in the best inserts of the set, Gallery of Heroes ! Babe Ruth was also present in this cool looking parallel !

Next up two of my favourite Yankees, Rivera and Sabathia !

Tall minis, this is a new version of the minis Topps is putting in every set it seems these days. I need to get use to these ones I guess...

Two more, or actually 5 more, Yogi again and a 4 Yankees card including Rivera !

Lastly, my random team were the Astros, they only have 1 card and I got three of them, all for trade for that one Astros collector out there :-))

That was another fun break by Chris, looking forward to the next !

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Traded with Madding !

I recently set up a trade with Kerry aka Madding from Cards on Cards and a cool package arrived earlier this week ! Let's skip the chit-chat and get to the point. Here are some cool cards !!

First-up a couple of cool Sabathia's !! A purple refractor and a silver numbered refractor, both great additions to my Sabathia PC !!

Those were not the only Sabathia cards, here are a few more !!

Kershaw was also present !!

Mariano as well !!

Lastly, Kerry also added a graded Glavine card !! A cool Skybox from 2000.

The package included much, much more of cool cards, too much too show in this post. Thanks very much Kerry for a cool trade !!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Series 2: For Trade !

So each year I love to open a few boxes of Topps Series 1 & 2 and this year was no different !! I was able to complete the base set and have a pile of base for trade. Furthermore, and disappointing, all the inserts of 2 of the boxes were the same so I still need a lot of inserts. The good news for all of you, I have stuff to trade !!

Let's start with the hits ! Two for trade, one to keep ! Some metal first, a Mike Trout Proven Mettle.

The second one was a Chasing History relic: Alex Gordon !

Lastly, the hit I am keeping (although it's one from my least favourite Yankee to be honest)

Now let's move to the insert, all are for trade as these were are doubles. First up, the Minis !

Next up, my favourite insert, inline with The Greats of Series 1, meet The Elite !

My 2nd favourite insert set, Cut to the Chase ! Still trying to complete the Series 1 insert set as well !

Two more inserts, Making their Mark and World Baseball Classics, I like them, Topps did a good job on the insert side with Series 2 (yes, I said it!).

Lastly, a few coloured parallels, one pink for the ladies (#/50) and a black one (#/62)

That's it, happy to set-up trades so check out my Want List for my insert needs !

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who wants to be a millionnaire ?!?!

With Series 2 live I usually have the urge to open some wax and this time was no different. In a few days I will show you the couple of (metal) hits I pulled. Today, it´s time for you to become a millionaire, or at least a chance on becoming one !!

Topps decided that foreigners can´t play any Topps games so sadly enough they won´t give me the chance to become rich. But it gives me great pleasure to give my loyal readers a chance so leave a comment and I will send you a code. I have 18 codes up for grabs !!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glavine number 951 !!

My progress on the Glavine collection has been a little slow in recent weeks, largely due to my focus on Kershaw and Rizzo. Still, now and then I am able to pick-up a nice Glavine. Here's on that arrived last week, a nice 2005 Leaf Certified Materials, Blue Mirror !

Here's an update of my Glavine collection, it's relic number 140 and Glavine card number 951 !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Friday, June 21, 2013

Some new Rizzo currency !!

I have been watching one of the cool Gypsy Queen Hometown Currency cards for a while now and the seller finally came down to a more reasonable level. Long story short: Here is my latest and coolest Rizzo card !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fan Favourites !!

This year I am not trying to complete the Archives set, don't like it that much this year. Therefore, I will just chase some of the Kershaw and Yankees cards from the set. I did notice, however, that the Fan Favourite Yankees autos were going for less $10, which felt like a bargain to me, especially since I didn't own an autographed card from these former Yankee players yet.

Here's Mickey Rivers and Graig Nettles !!

That's it for today, thanks for the visit !!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A UK Trade !!!

I finally found another way of getting rid of my Red Sox cards (instead of burning them or throwing them away!). John at Pursuitof80s blog, another baseball card collector based in Europe (UK) like me, collects Red Sox cards !!

I send him a bunch of Red Sox cards and a return package arrived at my doorstep earlier this week. Some cool cards from my Want list were included and some cool Yankees cards as well !! Here they are !!

First up a great Jeter 2010 Heritage card, numbered to only 61 !! In addition, one of the very cool Cut to the Chase cards !

Next up minis !! I love minis and still trying to complete several minis sets so these additions are very helpful !! Another mini for my Kershaw collection as well !!

Next up, a great 2011 Gypsy Queen card, I still only have a few of the base cards so still looking for loads of them. Also a cool mascot card (3 more to go I think!).

2009 Allen & Ginter !! Like 2011 GQ I only have a few 2009 A&G yet so still need a lot including this one ! Also the most hated Yankee (also by me to be honest), A-Rod.

Two young Jeter cards were included as well....he looks really young here !

Lastly, 2 cards I still needed, a 2012 insert and a 2012 Archives base card !

The package included a bunch more Yankees so thanks very much John for the trade ! Great to have another place to unload my Red Sox in the future !

Thursday, June 13, 2013

National Treasures: Up and Coming Yankees

Panini launched its National Treasures set a few months back. Although it's Panini I do believe they decent job and the cards are actually quite nice. Still, consensus seem to dislike them and as a result I was able to pick up a few "new" Yankees on the cheap !! Here they are !

First up David Phelps, who made his Yankees debut slightly over a year ago . He has been mixed since then and has moved around from starting pitcher to bullpen and back. Hope he will do well in the coming years !

Next-up are two cool cards from Yankees "new" catcher Austin Romine !! He played a little in 2011 and only recently "rejoined" the Yankees after Cervelli got hurt. Hope he sticks around !

That's it for today. I like the National Treasures set and hope to pick-up some more ! What do you guys think ?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Museum Score !!

Chasing most of the Kershaw Museum cards I came across another cool card, a primary pieces card numbered to only 25 !!

In addition, the seller added 2 bonus cards, both are for trade !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !