Friday, November 30, 2012

Topps Five Star: Opening a pack ?

Topps Five Star, I have seen a lot of posts on this set and mostly I agree with the opinions: The packs are way too expensive ($500) and although the cards look cool the thickness basically leads to a lot of chipped corners which for packs of $500 is not really acceptable in my view. As a result I stayed clear of any packs of Five Star. Still, I did decide to pick-up a selected few on eBay which is much cheaper than spending $500 on a pack and hoping for a big pull !

In the end I was able to pick-up 3 cards for very reasonable prices. Please meet my latest Kershaw !! Although a great looking card you can clearly see some chipping around the corners. Nevertheless, I really like the card, numbered to only /150.

I also picked-up 2 jumbo relics cards, It's Kershaw again and a nice Verlander, both numbered to /92.

Despite a bit of chipping (not sure if that's correct English!) I still like the cards but you can get loads of these cards of eBay for $500 so I won't be buying any of these unopened packs but might be picking-up one or two more from eBay !

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Panini Cooperstown: Bert Blyleven !

I recently noticed a new Blyleven card that came out, Panini Cooperstown. It is not often anymore that we see new Blyleven cards and I actually liked this one so decided to chase it. As there were several on eBay it was not that hard to get my hands on one. Here it is !!

Tomorrow I will discuss the new Topps Five Star set, loved by some, hated by many !

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Diamond King Draft Loot !

I recently participated in a fun card draft organized by Kevin at the Diamond King. This week a nice pile of cards arrived !! Although I couldn't resist some Glavines I also scored a bunch of cool vintage cards and these vintage cards are gradually growing on me so happy to have received some more from this draft !

Well, let's first start with the Glavines ! One cool relic card, Upper Deck Timeline, and his Score Rookie card !

The package included some more cool pitchers, here's Sabathia and Seaver, both numbered !

Let's move to the vintage !! One of the 1957 Pirates and 1969 Marichal Scratch Off card, I like these vintage cards !

 Two great looking 1964 Topps cards ! I don't know these players so something for me to research !

These are the oldest cards of the lot, 1952 Mothers Coockies ! I clearly need to start doing some research on these vintage sets, never heard of these !

Another cool vintage card, really like the look of this Topps set from 1960 !

Let's finish off this post with a Yankee as (sarcastic mode on) I know you all love the Yankees (sarcastic mode off) !! a cool numbered Munson Donruss Classic card !

All in all a fun draft so looking forward to the next one !! Thanks Kevin !!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Awesome Trade, part 2: Pitchers !

Yesterday I discussed my Allen & Ginter loot that was send to me by Roy at Plain Grey Swatch. As I told you all yesterday, there was much, much more hence a 2nd post on this trade is well deserved. Roy really looked into my collection habits in detail, illustrated by awesome cards from almost all the pitchers I collect as well as some cool Yankees.

Let´s start with my favourite, Tom Glavine !! Any package with new Glavine card is a success and this one was no different !

My Yankees favourite, Rivera was also included with a bunch of cards ! Here are two !

Sabathia was there as well !!

and Verlander !!!

and Minis !!! yes, there were minis !!!!

Lincecum joined the party as well ! Hope he can continue to form he showed in the play-offs !!

Lastly, Yankee Stadium Legacy, one my way with some 4,000 or so to go !!

Note this was not even a quarter of the pile but I will leave it at this. Many, many thanks Roy for a cool trade !! Looking forward to the next one !!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another Awesome Trade, Part 1: Allen & Ginter

A few days ago I received a big, big yellow envelop with a large pile of cards ! The sender was Roy at Plain Grey Swatch with whom I set up a big trade a few weeks back. Given the size I have decided to split the loot over 2 posts so be on the look out for a follow-on post in the coming days. Today the Allen & Ginter loot, one of my favourite sets in baseball !

I am trying to complete all the Allen & Ginter sets, or at least since it was started up again in 2006. Roy send me a big pile of 2008 A&G base cards, making a big dent in my Want List. Here are a few !

In addition to the 2008 A&G base cards Roy send me a pile of 2012 A&G minis !! I really love minis and a while ago decided to try to complete the minis sets as well. Here are a bunch, a mix of regular back and A&G back minis !!

Some Allen & Ginter inserts were includes as well. Here are 2 of this year's "What's in a Name" with Ryan and Weaver, the no-hitter guys !

...and another insert, Historical Turning Points !

Lastly, Roy send me a 2012 regular base card, I now only need one more !! Number 297, so if you have it lying around let me know !!

So, this was the A&G part, a really great part as I love the A&G sets so thanks very much Roy !! But this was not all, not by a long shot, so have a look tomorrow when I am reviewing the rest of the trade !!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

6 Pitcher Jerseys on 1 card !!

As most of you know I focus my collection a sets, yankees and mostly a bunch of great pitchers of which 2 retired (Glavine and Blyleven) and 5 current pitchers (Kershaw, Verlander, Rivera, Sabathia and Lincecum). I recently celebrated my birthday and decided to treat myself a little with an awesome card. This card contains jerseys (or so they claim) from 4 out of the 7 pitchers I collect !!! I think it's a beaty and it arrived on my doorstep this morning so couldn't wait to post it !

Thanks for the visit and enjoy the weekend. Be on the look-out for a big, big trade post tomorrow which I might have to split over several days !!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Awesome Trade with Steve !!

I was recently contacted by blog reader Steve who told me he had some cool cards for me from my Want List, cool cards they were !!! Yesterday a nice package arrived and it turned out to be one of the coolest trades of the year ! Let's have a look !

First up the "hits" of the trade, a Sabathia Auto card and a Glavine relic, they don't come much better than that !! Although the Sabathia Cracker Jack might look to be a "normal" sized card it is actually a nice smaller card. A Glavine relic to add to me collection as always awesome of course !!!

In addition to these 2 "hits" Steve had a big pile of Allen & Ginter for me in store. First up a few of A&G 2010, making a big dent in my Want List. This leaves only one card left !! Yes, only ONE card, number 328 so if you have an extra one lying around let me know !! Here are Lincecum and Halladay, two great pitchers, let's hope Lincecum can continue his strong off-season performance next season !

Steve also had some 2012 A&G in store for me...finally, here's Kate !! This also reduces my 2012 A&G needs to only 1 card !! Number 297, let me know if you have one lying around !!

Lastly, Steve send me a few 2011 A&G cards, here's Verlander !! I suspect Steve did this on purpose but he also reduced my 2011 A&G needs to only 1 cards !!! Number 80, where are you !!!

Really an awesome trade all around so thanks very much Steve !!! I am already looking forward to our next trade !!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Affordable Loot !!

Another month, another box break ! Since earlier this year I have been a fan of Colbey's affordable group breaks and I tried to participate each time (as long as I was quick enough to join of course !). Recently, Colbey, at his blog Cardboard Collections, hosted another fun one a few weeks back, opening several Upper Deck boxes from a range of years. I was lucky enough to have the Yankees and the Mets and also got allocated the Astros (if I remember correctly).

Let's start with the 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack ! Funny cards, here are Boggs and Mattingly !

Here are two more, Bagwell and Gooden

Colbey also opened a box of Upper Deck "Standing O", here's Bernie and Clemens

Bagwell again and one for the Piazza sandlot trade pile !

and two Yankee round-cut cards (or whatever we should call them !)

All in all a fun break so thanks very much Colbey, looking forward to your next break !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and be on the look-out for some trade posts in the coming days with some cool cards !!!