Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Topps Vault - what do you think ?

I am always on the lookout for "Topps Vault" stuff for my PC guys like Glavine and Blyleven as these can include "old" proof cards, special printing plates, and other interesting and unique items. Of course I am ignoring in these the "blank back" cards which basically feel like a Topps money-making rip-off !

A few weeks back a few Glavine Topps Vault items appeared on eBay. Proofs from the 1990 Topps Big set. Although not really qualifying as "vintage" they are 26 years old and as a Glavine collector I find these pretty cool regardless !

Here they are, 1990 Topps Big Glavine Proofs ! 

So what do you guys think of Topps Vault stuff  ?


  1. I've picked up a few things from Topps Vault, although it's probably been over a year since I won anything from their auctions. The stuff I've gotten is all blank-backs from recent releases. The blank-backs are kind of gimmicky so I haven't bid really hard on them lately.

  2. I'm 100% with RAZ -- I bought a couple of things when I first got back into collecting, but I tend to forget about them because of their gimmicky nature.

  3. I've bought one card from Topps Vault. I wanted the Luis Torrens 1/1 Blank Back Topps Vault card but I've lost it forever after someone swooped in on a really good BIN.

  4. I pick up cards from Topps Vault, like you I stick with players I collect. If the cards are a good deal I like them as a unique addition to the collection.

  5. Not sure if a Topps contract is considered part of the Topps Vault collection... but I'd love to one day own a contract signed by Sy Berger and one of my PC players.

  6. I once bought a lot of 6 Alexei Ramirez cards from the blank back "set".
    I think they're cool because come sealed in cases with a COA, but other than that there's not a lot of appeal for these cards.
    Great pickups though