Monday, March 28, 2016


I love vintage and I love these old Allen & Ginter cards from 2 centuries ago. A card from a year starting with 18xx is just amazing. Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle pointed me to another great card. Why did he point me to this specific card ? Well, because it was called "Dutchman", clearly a good fit for The Dutch Card Guy !

So here it is, for only a few bucks, a 1888 N33 Allen & Ginter's World Smoker !

Sure, a crapy back but hey, it's almost 150 years old ! Thanks a bunch Greg for this cool tip !!

Any of you trying to complete some of the old Allen & Ginter cards ?


  1. No problem glad you were able to land it! I'm not trying to complete any of the sets but I always love picking them up when I get the chance to find affordable singles.

    I know Chris from Nachos Grande is working on a fish set.

  2. I've recently started collecting some of these. I'm currently working on Flags and Birds of America. I have a bunch of posts coming up once I get around to actually writing them...

    1. Love the birds one as well, have 2 of those on my Original A&G tab as well !