Sunday, October 30, 2016

Some new COMC loot & Topps Bunt

Quick update to increase my postcount for October as I have been slacking a lot again in recent weeks and of course busy following the World Series. I was hoping for some Cubs magic and Rizzo with some HRs but instead they are behind 3-1 so a mountain to climb.

On the card collecting front I have downloaded Topps Bunt but not sure what to make of it just yet. Any of you active with Topps Bunt ? Any view on it, worth time spend on it or should I not invest in time in the App ?

Anyways, I just received a COMC package. Here is some of the loot, a few Glavine and Blyleven cards !!

Thanks for visiting my blog again !


  1. Sick patch on the Throwback Threads!
    I downloaded bunt last summer but didn't understand how it works so basically busted the first packs and then deleted the app!
    Let me know in case you are able to "play" with it..
    Btw are you aware that weekend there will be a card show in Germany?

  2. Cool, thanks for the tip. Sadly enough I am in Asia that day so can't attend :-(