Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Redemption package & a Bonus !!

So today I came home from a long day at work to find a nice FEDEX package !! A Fedex package for me usually means only one thing: a Topps Redemption !!

The last redemption I put into the system had already been months ago, if not longer so I was curious to see which card this might be. Opening up the envelop a Rizzo card surfaced !!

Wow, that one took a few years to arrive. This card is from the 2013 Archives set and is numbered to /25. Yes, you read that correctly, 2013 !! He probably signed hundreds and hundreds of cards in the years thereafter. Nevertheless, I am very happy this one arrived !!

But wait, that's not all ! A second card surfaced !! Unexpectedly !!

Yes, it's a Kyle Tucker card !! Who ??? Yes, that was my reaction also, never heard of ths guy I must admit, a Astros Outfielder. Anyways, I happily take it !! The card came with an apology from Topps for the long wait (since 2013) so I was positively surprised, thanks Topps !!

Of course the Kyle Tucker card is for trade (or sale) and let me know if you did know him already !

Thanks for visiting my blog today!


  1. Great looking Rizzo! Nice that it finally got filled after so long.

  2. I guess it's worth waiting for a Rizzo.

  3. That Rizzo is sweet... but who the tuck is Kyle Tucker?

  4. Nice! Tucker's got lots of potential, too. Supposed to be even better than his big bro Preston.

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