Saturday, August 12, 2017

A day of One on Ones !

This morning I received a package in the mail. Only one place this package could come from, as my trading has been very, very slow, and that's CheckOutMyCards ! COMC has been my standard mailbox in the US to receive my eBay loot and although it has been slow in recent months I was still able to collect a bunch of cool cards for my collection.

Here's what was in the package and let's focus on a huge collection of One-on-Ones ! First up, a cool Panini Pantheon card. A card with a button ! My 2nd button card after the 2014 Panini National Treasurers card of Glavine. Always a welcome variety versus all the jersey and bat cards.

Next up, two 2008 Moments & Milestones. The sporadically pop-up on eBay and if the price is decent I try to get them. I still have some 275 or so to go :-)

I was also able to get my hands on a cool 2017 Topps Tribute 1/1, pictured below. A really beautiful card. The Topps High Tek printing proof from 2014 is my second one of this series.

Lastly, two more 1-1s, a printing plate from the 2014 Panini Hall of Fame Baseball set (Magenta priting plate). Furthermore, a 2004 SP Authentic card, a set in which apperently there are a few 1-1s for several "events", this one for 15th April 2003.

That's it. Never opened a package with 7x 1-1s so really happy about it. I updated and checked my file and I now just passed the 2,250 different Glavine cards mark, representing some 31% of all different Glavine cards. As I own 47% of all Auto cards and 38% of all relic cards I should be able to lift the average to 40% or so by simply expanding Glavine's non auto/relic cards. Looking at the 1-1s, I now have some 15% of all Glavine 1-1s. A lot of statistics but love to track the numbers !!

Hope you all are doing well !


  1. 15% of all 1/1s? That's pretty sweet!
    The button relics are still my favorite and eventually I'll have to land myself one.

  2. Well, 15% of the 1-1s that are listed in Beckett. I do come across some 1/1s now and then that are not in Beckett, in particular printing plates from older sets.

  3. Een COMC pakketje voelt altijd als kerst :-) Groeten van een Darryl Strawberry verzamelaar uit NL.

    1. Ah een nederlandse verzamelaar ! Heb je ook een blog ? Wat verzamel je allemaal ?

    2. Nope geen blog. (Wel eens overwogen, wie weet komt dat nog eens :-)) Ik verzamel eigenlijk alles pre 2000 van Darryl Strawberry. Met wat uitzonderingen van na 2000. Deze week is m'n eerste 1/1 (2011 Topps Triple Threads) toegevoegd aan m'n inventory. Verder kijk ik met name naar Robert Eenhoorn, Rikkert Faneyte, Danny Rombley en Ferenc Jongejan. Die laatste 2 hebben geen major league gespeeld maar vind ik leuk omdat ik daar "vroeger" nog mee heb gespeeld.

  4. Wow. Glavine SuperCollector! I'll say!

  5. Hey,
    Ik heb je een week of twee geleden een email gestuurd betreft 2017 Allen & Ginter odd-ball cards. Heb je deze ontvangen?
    Groet Milan