Sunday, March 4, 2018

COMC package arrived

IT's that time of year again !! Once every few months I have COMC deliver all my eBay loot to me as I use them as my US mailbox. At least for now as they have graudally increased the price per card from $0.50 to $2 or more per card I noticed recently. Anyways, here's a few cards from the package !

First up, a Topps Luminaries Glavine card. Topps did a good job creating this set !

Next up, 2 Topps Archives cards, Glavines of course. I have mixed feelings about this set. I liked it a few years ago but now it feels like a simply money making machine with little new or special coming out of it...

Next up, a new addition to my Blyleven collection !!

Lastly, 2 more Glavine cards, a very cool A&G signed mini, for me still the best set from Topps each year. Also another printing plate for me Glavine collection !!

All in all a nice bunch of cards for my ever growing Glavine collection !

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you all are doing well !!


  1. Awesome autos there! Especially the Glavine 1/1 and the A & G. COMC is seriously the best thing that's ever happened to my collection.

  2. Awesome Ginter mini autograph. I love how they use the red ink on those!