Sunday, July 28, 2019

New COMC package !

Although my blog activity has been slow my focus on collecting Glavine and Blyleven has continued, close to, full force, mostly using my COMC account as my US mailbox. As a result, a cool COMC package arrived at my doorstep last week. Here are some impressions !

First up, some Allen & Ginter silk ! Already a few years old but this one was still missing from my collection so very happy to have been able to get my hand on this one as there are only 10 around !!

Next -up, some special proof cards from the Leaf Pearl set from 2018. Haven't seen anything from this set but came across these production proof cards so took a shot at them !

Luckily, I was also able to expand my Flying Dutchman collection. Here are two new Blyleven card. One from Topps Five Star and one from Topps Legacy of Baseball.

Let's end of today's post with a cool White Whale of Glavine !!

Overall, very cool cards and great additions to my collection. Still, miss a bit the thrill of opening Allen & Ginter or Gypsy Queen packs so I might need to revisit that old habit at some point !



  1. I love Five Star autographs... especially when they feature silver Sharpie on a black background. That printing plate is super cool too.

    1. Thanks, very happy with both ! Although I have a weak spot for Allen & Ginter so that’s my favourite !