Thursday, December 26, 2019

A Christmas COMC package !

Happy Christmas everyone, hope you and your families all are doing well and enjoying the holiday break ! For Christmas I received a nice COMC holiday package which I had the urge to show you all ! So here it is !

First up, a cool Panini Leather & Lumber featuring Glavine and a nice Blyleven printing plate.

Next up, an old stamp on a card. Never really got the concept but it like cool and is a nice addition to my Blyleven collection !

The next one is a awesome addition to my Glavine collection, another One of One !! This one is from a recent Leaf set, a Fantastic Fabric !

Last up, a beauty, at least in my view. A awesome Blyleven booklet from Topps Museum Collection !

Anyways, that's it for now. Some great cards for Christmas ! Enjoy the holiday break and let's make it a great 2020 !


  1. Considering that it was just a couple of cards, that sure was a BIG order! It almost looks like there's part of signed jersey in that Glavine 1/1, if so, that makes it pretty interesting -- and would be the first time that I've seen anything like that.

    1. Yeah, would need to investigate a bit further if this was a signed shirt or not, would be cool and unique if it was !

  2. That Blyleven stamp card is awesome! And those Glavine patches are insane. Like Jon pointed out... it's cool to see that he signed the jersey they used, so it's kind of an autographed patch card.