Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love the COMC Mailbox !!

After some good tips from my loyal blog readers I decided to give COMC mailboxes a try. This way I don't pay the ridiculously high prices eBay these days is charging through their Global Shipping Program. At the same time it also combined the international shipping part and I have the opportunity to offer them for sale as well on COMC if I, by accident, buy two of the same (and this happens to often!).

The first COMC delivery arrived today !! Here's some of the loot. First up, Babe Ruth !!

Great card and love the relic, it's looks old (even if it might be a fake!) In any good package Glavine is included as well !! Another 2007 printing plate #1/1 for my collection as well as a Leaf Limited Relic card !

Kershaw was there as well ! I hope he (mentally) recovers from the difficult post-season games....

Last but not least, the Flying Dutch Man !!

Love the COMC mailboxes. Would recommend it to all European collectors. More already on the way !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Great ! I was about to ask you if you were satisfied with their service. I hardly buy any cards that are worth the 1$ fee and that I can't find for cheap on comc in the first place, but there have been instances when it would've been a great option. I'll keep in mind that I can use it at ease !

  2. Nice Yogi. I'm going to assume the jersey is real.

  3. Nice cards man :). Although I'm not sure so that the first card is a Babe Ruth card.

    1. Haha, your right, should reread my post my carefully before publishing, guess it was my wish !