Thursday, February 12, 2015

Here's the laundry man !!

I like new things. I like a card with a piece of glove or even a piece of shoe (one of which I showed a few months ago). New stuff just keeps collecting a lot of fun. So combine a Glavine card with something new and I am game and will chase it !!

So meet my latest Glavine addition, a Topps Dynasty's Laundry's Tag (if that would be proper English !?). I have never seen anything like it so can really enjoy something like this !

You guys ever seen a laundry tag on a card ?


  1. Wow, that is really cool. Congrats. Dynasty is about as fancy as it gets.

  2. Ive seen them and they are rare. Congrats. Great card

  3. Awesome card. I have 2 McCutchen laundry tags in my collection. They are extremely rare to find. Congrats

  4. That's a first for me, but man is that still a sharp looking card. Congrats!