Sunday, February 8, 2015

Topps Tek & Dodger Blue !

No Series 1 for me just yet. Honestly, I was too busy in January to remember to order some. So now I am looking at all the posts of everybody describing and showing a, actually great, Series 1. So no Series 1 to be seen here for at least a few weeks. Therefore, lets look at Topps Tek !!! Another cool release last year, the other one being Stadium Club of course !Here's one of the cool Glavine cards that were included in Topps Tek, TEKnicians !

Still chasing some of the variations like Shattered Stripe etc ? Luckily not all the variations that the set had in the late 90ties !

Next up a cool new Kershaw card, coming from a redemption cards for a long while back but it finally arrived ! Cool Dodger card although a shame to see Kemp leaving the team this year.

That's it for today. thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy Series 1 !!


  1. That Glavine is awesome, it's such an awesome looking card! The Kershaw triple is just as good, even though two of the three players don't play for the Dodgers anymore.