Friday, April 10, 2015

Topps Vault - Blyleven Edition

I like "old" stuff, especially when it comes to baseball cards. Although I don't have too many "vintage" cards, as I have not really chased them yet, I do love to add some odd-ball vintage when I come across some. Recently I noticed some Topps Vault Blyleven items. Of course, when it comes to the Flying Dutchman I can't resist any rare items and given I was the only bidder it seems please have a look at my new Blyleven additions !!

First up, 1978 Topps Vault proof cards !!

Next up, and this one is even older, a 1975 Topps Black Test Proof card !!

So there you have it, two cool additions to my slowely growing Blyleven PC !! Love the rare look and feel so if I come across more I will certainly try and chase them !!

Do you guys like the Topps Vault stuff ? Or do you simply see it as a money-making machine ?


  1. The only thing I really don't like from the Topps Vault is the blank backs. Items like negatives and contracts are pretty cool.

    1. Yeah fully agree Matt, those blank backs are a bit lame and pointless...

  2. I like the old stuff they sell off. As Matt said, though, making a blank back just to sell it on eBay as a 1/1 is a Topps gimmick that gets old quickly.

  3. Cool items. I've bid on several contracts, but haven't won any. One of these days I hope to add one to my collection.