Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dodger Blue !

Some are not a fan of Panini but I actually like them and believe they are making a great effort to compete, despite the lack of logo of course. National Treasurers is one of the cool sets they have been coming out with in the last 2 years. Recently I noticed a cool Dodgers card that would fit my Kershaw collection nicely. Given that a lof of people still don't want to pay up for Panini these cards actually are priced very reasonable. So meet my latest Kershaw card, together with Joc Pederson and Adrian Gonzalez !!

How do you guys feel about Panini ?


  1. Nice card and love a bit of game used bat but I'm one of those who can't get on with the lack of logo or team name.

  2. I honestly like Panini products so far, maybe it's also because I'm a little patriotic...
    I like the fact that they alternate relics from current super stars to relics of players from the past, that in many cases you aren't able to find in other products.

  3. Panini actually makes some nice cards, and I really like this one, BUT I can't get over the fact that they remain unlicensed. The Dodger logo is very important to me.