Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Meeting Kershaw !!

So during my visit to Orlando I took the opportunity to attend two games of the Tampa Bay Rays. First game was last Sunday against the Blue Jays. The 2nd one was yesterday against the Dodgers. Clearly I was hoping to see Kershaw in action but it wasn't meant to be. Lets start with Sunday's game against the Blue Jays. We had fairly good seats and was joined by my wife and two kids.

It was a fun game although scoring was a bit slow. Below one of the action shots I was able to take. The Blue Jays won in the end (5-1) with HRs by amongst others Tulo and a good game by Stroman. Longoria also had a solo HR for the Rays. All in all, a good game to watch.

There was plenty of entertainment during the game, the most popular being "running the bases", here's my two kids in action after a 30 minute que !

Last night was my 2nd game, this time against the Dodgers. As Kershaw already played last Sunday he was not in the line-up. Below was his only action of the evening, catching some balls in the outfield. So actually I didn't really meet him but hey, you guys never use some click bait :-))

It was a good game to watch with a lot of scoring on both sides with the game ending 10-7 for the Dodgers. Below some more Kershaw action !

All in all, a fun two games and great to, for my first time, see the Dodgers play live.

Looking forward to my next visit to the USA, hopefully seeing Kershaw actually pitch himself !

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Glad you got to catch a Dodgers game while you were visiting. Were the majority of fans at the Trop Rays fans or Dodgers fans? I was watching on tv and it sure seemed like most of the fans were routing for the Dodgers.

    1. Yeah, mostly Dodger fans around. Also a bit disappointed with the attendance in the stadium and feels Tampa doesnt have a big following either...