Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Breaking some GQ boxes from the LCS !!!

During my holiday in Orlando last year I visited a few LCS in the area, in search for packs and boxes of course. This year was no different and, like last year, I decided to visit Orlando Sportscards. The kids in a chase for soccer cards and me in search for some new additions to my collection. Its a nice LCS shop with a good collection of cards, boxes and supplies.

Given it's Gypsy Queen season my key goal was to get a few hobby boxes. The first visit was a success for the kids with loads of soccer cards. However, no Gypsy Queen boxes in sight. However, I tried again a week later and the owner Kendall indicated that a few boxes would be delivered later that morning so we decided to stick around for these. So here they are, 2 boxes of GQ, let the fun begin !!

Given that I am posting again using the on-the-road blogger app let me stick to the hits of the 2 boxes. Let's have a look at the first box.

Not a bad score, a Yankees auto (Refsnyder), a Cano relic to /50, a Marte mini relic to /50 and a green O'Brien auto crd to /99. Furthermore, some nice minis AND a bonus printing plate (James McCann). Most are for trade of course.

Was that box one I hear you ask. Not yet, we still have a mini box wth 10 exclusive cards, i.e. Normally the photo variation minis. However, only 1 card was in this mini box !?!? Did I get screwed ??

Well actually, an awesome card came out, totally unexpected. Meet Frank Thomas !! A mini relic/auto booklet numbered to only 20 !!!

An awesome HoF booklet to finish off box number 1 !!!

Let's move to the 2nd box and again focus on the hits of the box.

Another Yankees auto, Greg Bird !! The 2nd auto was Franco from the Phillies while the 2 relics were Cano (again!) and deGrom. Some cool minis finished off the box, including a Peralta yellow/gold mini.

Overall, not as great as box 1 but it was difficult to top that one given the Frank Thomas booklet ! All in all, GQ continues to be one of the best box breaks in my view, together with Allen & Ginter !

If you are in the Orlando area I can recommend the Orlando Sportscards shop, below the details !

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Hopefully I can add the 2016 GQ to my Want List but it may take a little as I am in the middle of moving house. In any event, always happy to set up a trade !


  1. awesome pull, that Thomas is gorgeous!

  2. That Thomas is great. Congrats on a great pull!

  3. Love GQ and Orlando Sports Cards. Say Hi to Kendall from me. Nice cards.

  4. Congrats on the sick Thomas hit!
    Awesome card of a great HOF!

  5. Damn, that Frank Thomas is awesome!!! bought time to exchange some minis again?