Saturday, January 28, 2017

If America is first, let the Netherlands be second !!!

Usually I don't get involved in politics on my blogs but there were of course some big changes in the US political landscape in recent months. As a result, it seems it's now all about "America First"...and in that case of course, we want to be 2nd !!

Thanks for visiting my blog and as every post deserves a card, here's one of my latest Rizzo additions from 2016 Triple Threads.


  1. That video is awesome!

    The Cubs are okay, but that video -- it's terrific. It's true!

  2. As I mentioned to you - I need to find that show in English. Or maybe you can help me learn Dutch and I'll just get the hell out of this shit hole of a country for 4 years.

    1. This clip is in English with the dutch parts having english subtitles ! Or do you have difficulties understanding english with a trump-ish accent :-)