Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A goodbye package...

I have only been in the hobby since last year and started my blog earlier this year. One of the people that really helped me a lot has been Kyle at Juuust a bit Outside and he has become one of my best baseball card friends. In general I feel that the blogosphere has been great to me and makes collecting baseball cards much, much more fun. That why I was a bit sad that Kyle said goodbye to the blogosphere a while back. Luckily we (myself and all of you) were traded in for more family time so that I could accept (all kidding aside, important choices have to be made in life and clearly Kyle made an important one as family should be on the top of everyones list, at least in my humble opinion).

So why are we talking about Kyle, "out of sight out of mind" right ? Well, he actually send me a great "goodbye" (for now) package full of cool cards !!

Let's start with two of my favourite pitchers, Rivera and Verlander, really love these Finest cards ! 

My first Topps Minors cards, some cool Rays and Yankees prospects !

Kyle also send me a awesome Glavine card which initially he bid for me on eBay. A really cool card with pieces of his bat, jersey, shoe and glove. Or at least let's assumes these were his (which isn't that clear after all the discussions in recent days).

I love UD Masterpieces and I have the 2008 set almost complete. Don't have much yet from the 2007 set so these are great !

This is a great set as well, Fleer E-XL, really nice looking cards, here's Bernie and Andy !

Let me show you 2 more, although the package contained dozens more ! Here are two cool Jeter cards, love both of them and had never seen these "action packed" cards.

Thanks so much Kyle for your support, you have been a great friend ! I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy the family and life !

.....and for everyone else, stay put, don't leave, I mean it, we have some trading to do !!


  1. I hated to see Kyle go as well. Those Tools of the Trade cards are great.

  2. Tools of the Trade relic cards are awesome. I also love the Masterpieces set!