Friday, September 7, 2012

Back from holiday with loot from the Dimwit

The great thing about coming home after a holiday with the family is the pile of yellow envelops usually waiting for me and luckily this time was no different !! I will go through most of them in the coming days. The first one was a very cool package from Sam at the Daily Dimwit. A while back I won my first contest ever in the blogosphere, winning a random pile of cards which Sam selected for me. Furthermore, Sam held a sale last week giving me the opportunity to add a nice Gypsy Queen Auto card to my pitcher collection. Let´s start with that one ! A cool Cueto auto card, really like these GQ auto cards !

The pile of random cards included a few more Yankees Stadium Legacy cards, a set of 6500 cards or so I am trying to complete (in the next decade or so I guess!) so very happy with those. 

Sam also included a few 2009 Masterpieces, one of the greatest sets made by Upper Deck in my view. I only need 1 more card to complete my set !! If you have number 94 lying around trade me !!!

2012 Topps Chrome was also included. I didn´t own any of these yet so this Rivera is a great addition !!

I like Swisher so a cool Swisher card is always appreciated ! Nice Verlander as well !

Sam also threw in a few 2012 Archives including DiMaggio and Rizzuto. I still need a few Archives to complete my set so If you have any please check out my Want List and let´s trade !

All in all the package included 35 cool cards so thanks very much Sam, it´s very much appreciated !!


  1. So how many of those Legacy cards do you have?

  2. Great cards! I'm also curious as to how many of the Yankee Stadium Legacy cards you've got.

  3. the cut above inserts are very cool!