Saturday, January 31, 2015

Help Anyone ?!?

Need some tips today. In the past I was always easily able to copy-paste the Beckett checklist into Excel including characteristics like AU, MEM, SER for Auto, Memorabilia, Serial numbered etc. I was planning to update my excel file to add 2014 to it for my key players like Glavine and Blyleven but I struggle to get the data.

Anyone have the same problem or any tips how to solve this ??

And as every post needs a card, here's my latest Blyleven, Crusade !!

Thanks !!


  1. I've never messed with Beckett, but I'm talking more in general with Excel. What about pasting the data into Notepad, saving as a text doc and then converting it, with space as the delimeter? If the data has some funky formatting, newer versions on Office try and keep that formatting and can really hose a straight copy and paste.

    1. Thanks, but it also seemed like beckett indications for autos=AU, serial=SER etc have been removed or maybe changed but maybe i have to look somewhere else in Beckett....

  2. For 2014, I found it was easier for me just to pull up Cardboard Connection and use the "find in page"/"search" function to find the guys I needed to add to my spreadsheets. It's a little clunky and a bit more time consuming, but much more accurate than relying on crowd-sourced websites like Trading Card DB, Baseballcardpedia, or Zistle.