Friday, March 13, 2015

A Nightly Trade

Last week I received a very cool package with loads of cards from my trade list. The package came from everyone's favourite Owl....yes, that's the one...Greg at Night Owl ! Let's have a look at all the goodies he send my way !

First up, Minis !!!!! Meet our Queen, the Queen of the Netherlands (or actually the ex-Queen as she was replaced by her son2 years back) !!!

Next up, Yankees Stadium Legacy ! Still trying to chase the full set so keep them coming because there are around 4,000 more to go:-))

Some fun wqas included as well, two birds !!!

Greg also included some Allen & Ginter Inserts !! Across the Years ! Still needed a bunch so these are very welcome !

More A&G !!!

A cool Kershaw was included with a Koufax on the side !!! and some more Ginter !!

Last up, a cool Cut Above and more Ginter !!

Thanks Greg for an awesome package !! Looking forward to a next trade !


  1. always relieved/glad when those overseas packages make it through. Ginter's always a good time!

  2. Dangit, I wish I didn't just learn about that Stadium Collection. I don't even collect Yankees and I want to try for it.