Monday, March 2, 2015

Zippy Zapped again !

Last week I received another package from Kenny aka Zippy Zappy at Torren'Up Cards and an awesome package it was !! Before we move to the extra let's start with the cards !

I love Sega cards, would chase the full sets if I could get my hands on them more easily. Here's a nice one for my Dutch collection, Andrelton Simmons ! Another Dutch guy was included, Jonathan Schoop, when he was playing for the Delmarva Shorebirds (never heard of them so learning something new every day !).

The Flying Dutchman was included, a 1973 Topps card !! Love these vintage ones !!

Two great SP Authentic cards, DiMaggio and Yogi Berra !

Kenny even included some soccer cards !! These actually look pretty cool, never seen this set and I might actually start to chase some more. Can't imagine these can be found in the US to be honest.

Two  auto cards were in the pack as well. Although Kevin already moved to the Tigers, Cito Culver could still make a promissing Yankee in the future !!

Kenny also included an awesome Posada relic card !

Some other stuff was included in the big package as well. I even received a discount brochure in case I, will ever, visit the Louisville Museum & Factory ! No plans yet but who knows !!

Lastly, Kenny included 2 cool papers of Yankees' Staten Island team. Impossible to get my hands on these in Europe so this is awesome ! Going to read them soon and see what's happening !

Kenny, thanks a bunch !!  A return package is on it's way !!


  1. Daley Blind! Love that guy. Great player.

  2. Glad you liked the cards :).
    The football cards are from a Japanese arcade game called WCCF. I sent those because they were all Dutch (or at least I think they were Dutch players).

    1. Thanks again and yes, they are all Dutch (although some retired already)