Friday, November 6, 2015

Another UK Package !!

Yesterday I received a surprise package from the UK, a surprise package from Matthew !! Matthew and I have traded once before and although he doesn't have a blog he does take part in a UK baseball card Facebook page. With me being old-fashion and not having Facebook, I am not sharing in that fun I am afraid. Nevertheless, sending packages back and forth is always fun and appreciated !!

The yellow envelop was full of cool Gypsy Queen cards !! Let's start with some minis !! I love minis and trying to complete the minis set so these are very helpful !! Matthew send me a big pile of at least 30 minis, here are a few !

Matthew send me some more minis, 2015 inserts and 2015 GQ !!

In addition the a big bunch of GQ inserts Matthew also send me some very cool Joe DiMaggio cards. Awesome cards from 2009 UD SPx Baseball, all numbered to 425 so I guess that's the print run on these. Very nice cards so might decide to chase this insert set !!

All in all Matthew send me an awesome package so thanks so much Matthew, a return package will be on its way in the coming weeks !!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi scooterboy, I'm an italian baseball cards collector and I traded several times with you have a wantlist or do you collect a specific set/team/player?
      I would like to send you a package of cards sooner or later!
      Best regards

    2. Hi. That would be great. I record all my cards I have and want on Zistle ( and my username is scooterboy. If you don't have an account send me an email and I'll send you the list. Thanks Matt :-)

  2. Thanks again, a return package will be on its way in the coming weeks !!

  3. Thanks, first doing a trip to Japan after which i will make you a nice one !