Monday, November 2, 2015

Konami anyone ?

I recently noticed a cool card on eBay and given it's a Glavine card I had to chase it of course. It's a 2006 or 2005 Konami card. Browsing through my Glavine beckett list I was not able to track it down on that on, making this even a more interesting one ! I only know Konami from MSX videogames from when I was a kid. Meet my first Konami card !

Do you guys own any Konami cards ? Any more detail one these ?


  1. I'm working on a post for these Japanese exclusives. I also created a thread for these on Blowout cards a few moons ago if you want some quick information.

    In a nutshell this was Konami's attempt at making a MLB style Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. Complete with game board, cards that made things happen or made things screw up and pebbles.

  2. Cool, will check out your post on blowout ! Thanks !

  3. And the Konami WBC 2009 collection with some Dutch players.

  4. I'll wait to see what Kenny says about this set, but yeah they're basically a card game using MLB players. There are a couple long-running NPB-based card games still being made/updated every year, but MLB card games don't seem to last so long.

    Personally, I'd love to track down a full set of the '06 issue you see here and the full WBC set.