Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Exit Kershaw !!

So yesterday I promissed everyone some big news so here we go ! My break was a time to rethink my collection and the future direction of it. Of course I will continue to focus on Glavine and Blyleven, I love these pitchers and the outstanding base of cards are manageable and potentially reachable, no tons of color variations etc. As I do want to collect a current player I am continuing my Rizzo Collection. 

I have, however, decided that my Yankees collection will be toned down and only will chase some fun cards and that's it. An even bigger decision was to stop my Sabathia as well as my Verlander collections. I return I will focus more on sets like A&G and GQ.

And now for the really big decision....I have decided to quit Kershaw. This was really the most difficult decision as I have been collection Kershaw from the start, when he was still to win his first CY award. Prices for Kershaw cards just have become too high to get much joy out of collecting them. Given that I have just moved house, selling my Kershaw collection can actually bring in some good funds to finance the rest of my collection and some of my moving costs.

So there it is, the word is out, Kershaw is going to be out and some are already on COMC. I will likely only keep a few really cool ones for sentimental value (likely some of the A&G ones), everything else can go. If you are interested in some make me a good offer or tell your friends and fellow collectors. Given that I can use the money and there is still some sentimental value I am going to only go for strong offers (so apologies in advance in case I come over difficult :-)). Below my last Kershaw count, 567 cards of which 134 auto cards and 17 1/1s, still a nice achievement if I may say so !! All of them can be found above or using this link.


  1. Since I am first does that mean I get first dibs. Your sticker Kershaw that I won from you is still the ONLY sticker I have left as it has sentimental value to me. Would love a crack at some of your stuff. I will write up a list and thank you in advance

  2. Hello again.
    Here is my list that I would love a shot at. Thank you in advance and if there is an email I can contact you and go from there that would be great.

    AUTO :

    15 Finest 11/25
    14 Tribute 32/50
    14 Tribute 5/35
    13 5 Star 2/65
    13 Tribute 31/50 (non puffy face)
    12 Museum 60/100
    12 Heritage

    Non Auto

    14 A/G Red 8/25
    13 A/G Red 2/25
    13 Heritage Mini 53/100
    13 A/G Printing Plate

  3. I would like to put dibs on a grand total of none of them.

    1. Wow, tempting but would need to think about it :-)

  4. Wow.

    I probably don't have the cash to obtain these, nor probably want to spend the money, but it's very intriguing.

  5. I'll shoot you an e-mail tonight!

  6. Would you let me know the prices for the Prizm USA Auto and SP Timeline Rookie Auto? I'm jumbogorilla on BO boards.

  7. I might be interested in some of your Yankees especially the 2008 YSL. I'll have a look and send you an email.