Sunday, October 6, 2013

Collecting Cardboard is a Habit !

Last week a package from Judson at My Cardboard Habit arrived with some awesome cards !! At some point I expressed interest in a Rivera card he showed on his blog and he kept that aside for me (thanks!!). With Allen & Ginter out and my Want List full of Ginter he combined the two and send me 2 cool Rivera cards with a bunch of Ginter !!

Let's start with the Rivera cards ! A awesome Gallery of Heroes and an eqwually awesome Bowman Platinum die-cut card !! Same picture, different backgrounds !

In addition to these awesome Rivera cards Judson send me a big pile of Allen & Ginter ! He send me some base cards I was still missing but you are probably board of seeing so let me stick to the inserts !! Meet the Vikings (from around the corner here) and the Aztecs.

Judson send me a bunch more and also included minis !! I love minis !!! Here they are !!

and more minis !!! Including more inserts !!

Judson send much more so it will keep me busy going through it tonight and sorting it !!

Thanks Judson for an awesome package, a return package should be on its way !!!


  1. The Gallery of Heroes cards are awesome!

  2. same pic different results.
    love the left hate the right

  3. Rivera is deserving of that Gallery of Heroes card. Very nice.