Sunday, October 20, 2013

The start of a Hockey collection ??

Out of the blue I recently received a small yellow mailer with one card, call it an international PWE. In it was a strange card...strange because it was a hockey card, not "real" hockey (as we know it in Europe) but ice hockey (yes, I hear everybody thinking "what we play here in North America is "real" hockey!). The card was send to me by Douglas at Buck Store Cards. I had send him a Hockey relic a few months back from a guy called Getzlaf, apparently a well know player (yes, clearly demonstrating here I have no clue about ice hockey !). Douglas send me a card of Ed Kea in return, apparently the only NHL-er born in the Netherlands. So, that little fact makes this a cool addition to my collection !

Here it is !!

Not sure if this means the start of a Hockey collection, probably just a cool addition to my "Dutch" collection ! Thanks very much Douglas for a nice surprise !!


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    1. Some silly game where they use a field instead of ice :-)

  2. I'm glad you liked it. I have a small collection of players with unusual birthplaces for hockey (e.g. Tanzania, Haiti, Paraguay) and wanted to send you a Kea as a thank you for the hockey hit, but I only had one, so I wanted to grab a second one first.

    Incidentally, that card comes from one of the more famous hockey sets - it featured the rookie card of some guy named Gretzky.

    1. Gretzky, the only name in Hockey that does ring a bell !

  3. Welcome to the winter classics - that's a wonderful card. Hockey is a unique collecting group. I you get many more. (If not, I'd gladly trade you soime baseball for it).


  4. live too far south to be a hockey fan, though the local Norfolk Admirals play very well.

  5. I collected hockey cards for about a week, but I ended up with about 5000 of them when I bought a huge collection. I have no idea what to do with them.

  6. No to hockey. Well, I do have a few Dallas Stars.