Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Trade at the Plate !!

A few weeks back I was able to "dump" a lot of my Ranger cards with Brian at Play at the Plate. Last week I received a cool return package ! Let's jump to the cards right away !!

First-up, 2 of my favourite pitchers, Lincecum and Kershaw !!

I also still need a bunch of Allen & Ginter cards so these insert cards, curious cases, were very welcome !! do check out my Want List for my other A&G needs, still need a bunch !

As a guy from Europe it is also very hard to get my hands on any of the coloured variations that are being sold exclusively at Toys 'R US, Target, Wallmart or any of the others ones out there. Therefore, the following cards are awesome !!

Bowman Platinum are also great cards, here's Verlander and Lincecum !

My favourite Yankee, Rivera was also present, even one with a Relic !!

Lastly, some more cool cards, Brian also included a buncyh of 96 Fleer and a few cool Topps Finest, Intimidators !!

All in all a very cool package so thanks very much Brian, looking forward to our next trade !!


  1. The background on the Rivera relic is very interesting. At first I thought it was a map or something.

  2. Somehow I missed this. Glad you liked the cards!!

  3. that is still the wrong color blue border. They should have used Dodger blue.

  4. Lot's of hair on those first two cards!

  5. Still glad you liked it. We need to do another one.