Friday, October 25, 2013

Rizzo & Castro !

I love the Gypsy Queen set and about 6 months ago I started collecting Rizzo. One cool card I have been eyeing since then. I have watched it come down from $150 to $125 to $115 to $95, partly helped by the fall off in Rizzo's momentum in recent months. When a version appeared recently I took the opportunity and grabbed it. I still paid slightly over $70 for it so clearly not cheap but I think it's worth it !! Meet my latest addition to the Rizzo PC, a dual auto, dual relic card, numbered to only 25 !!

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  1. Most I've spent on one single card topped out at $27... so far...

  2. That is an awesome card! Love dual relics and autos! That's a lot of stuff on one card!

  3. I like that they used different swatches. Nice.