Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Big 44 trade !!

Trading has been slower than normal lately, also because I am very busy at work and therefore have less time to chase some new deals ! Still, I was able to set up a cool trade with Nate recently at Big 44 Cards. Here's the loot !!

First up a bunch of minis !! I love minis and I am still trying to complete several sets including the GQ mini sets. Therefore these were very welcome !!

I also still need a bunch of base cards and Nate send me two nice ones !!

Nate also send me a few 2013 inserts I still needed !!!

Lastly, Nate send me a Verlander Relic card, a cool addition to my Verlander PC !!

Thanks Nate for a cool trade !!

Still have some backlog with one package of cards still needing to go to Italy. Other then that I am all ready to set up a new trade so let me know !!

Thanks for visiting my blog today !


  1. Verlander went to college here in my hometown.

  2. Nice stuff! I love the vintage players in Gypsy Queen!

  3. Traded with Nathan just last month.
    Nice and smooth